Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Form Analyst

Got an e-mail last night confirming that The Form Analyst has closed his service with immediate effect.

Despite making over 100 points profit since the service was established in October last year, this losing run over the last four months has proved to be too much to overcome.

I can't say I'm too surprised as it's clearly been getting to him lately, but it is a shame as Graeme has put a hell of a lot of work into this over the last year or so.

Someone commented on here a week ago saying I should stop following TFA, but after making 140 points between April and July I was hoping that he would be able to turn things - and if he didn't then we'd reach the point where we are now.

Despite the recent run, I am still nicely in front from following the TFA bets since they started - would have been even better if I'd followed the prescribed staking plan !

I don't suppose many profitable services close down, but I can't argue with his decision and just wish him well for the future.


RaceBets said...

JP if your looking for a replacement service mate give me a tryout over at I don't advise bets every day. Strike rate of 28% and ROI of 89% and a sensible staking plan with ratings for all the day's racing included.


Anonymous said...

That was me who said you should leave. Just b/c you were in front does not mean you should blindly carry on, your friendship was clouding your judgement, you dropped best under after only a month, yet so far they have had 7/7 so far, this weekend. at better odds.

Graeme got greedy,I heard he had a nice little club, he than had a good couple of months, opened up his service for all and sundry to come in, and ever since he done that it has been 1 way down hill, he only has himself to blame

JP said...

Hi Dave,

I'll have a think about a replacement over the next day or two.

Only four weeks to go now until I take a seven week break from this, so not decided whether or not to add any more before then.



Hi Anon,

Thanks for coming back to me.

As it turned out TFA only lasted for one more week after your original comment.

I'm always thinking about what I'm doing on here - what services I'm following, how much I'm putting on, whether to follow the recommended bets or go with my own staking plans etc.

Sometimes I get decisions wrong but I don't think continuing with TFA was one of those.

Regarding Best Under, if they've done that then fair play. I haven't read their e-mails this weekend so I didn't know how they'd got on. If it turns out they're proving profitable then I'll jump back in with them.

I can only go with what I feel at the time, and I've made plenty of mistakes over the last couple of years.