Sunday, 1 November 2009

Not the day I wanted

Sunday 1 November

Anthony Kim couldn't do the business for me in the golf. Just one hole in it at the halfway point when I went out for Sunday lunch. However when I got back in he was three down. Didn't help his chances by missing two three foot putts on successive holes, but in the end he was comprehensively outplayed by Ross Fisher who looks set to achieve great things in the game.

One or two of you are probably wondering why I didn't lay off my 14/1 bet for a guaranteed £1400 profit whoever won. As I said when Ryan Moore won a couple of months back, it's just not how I play the game. The winners on the golf come around so infrequently (Ryan Moore is the only outright winner since March) that I want to maximise my returns when they do come in. I never thought about laying off - if I had I would have been gutted to have lost half my profit had Kim won.

As I've mentioned several times I'm going full time with this from next year, and trading will form part of my strategy alongside the outright betting.
Notwithstanding the Kim / Fisher situation, there are many opportunities on a daily basis to add to the profits - but that's the key. I want to add to the profits, not give them away.

I'm late tonight with this update, as there were three bets from Football Elite today. Just one winner though, with Nice paying just over even money. The one Winabob bet today was also a winner, Huddersfield beating Oldham 1-0.

Three bets on the horses today, as well as the Pricewise extra selection at rain-soaked Carlisle.

Both Isiris and Tipping Legends ended up betting each way in a seven horse race. Neither of the horses finished in the first three anyway, but probably neither bet would have been given out had the field been reduced to seven in the morning, rather than less than an hour before the race.

SLH put up a speculative one point win bet on Reel Charmer, who travelled well for a long way but tired badly in the straight and could barely clamber over the final fence, finishing a remote 6th. Malko De Beaumont,the Pricewise horse, was pulled up.

Bets Advised

SLH Private

Reel Charmer 1pt win @ min 10/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)


Auroras Encore 4pts e/w @ 9/1 - LOST (SP 9/1)

Tipping Legends

Crocodiles Rock 1pt e/w @ 20/1 - LOST (SP 20/1)

Birdie Golf (TL)

Anthony Kim 2pts win @ 14/1 - 2ND
Chapchai Nirat 0.5 pts e/w @ 60/1 - TIED 24TH

Football Elite

Nice 10pts win @ 2.06 - 2.11 - WON 1-0
Palermo 10pts win @ 2.08 - 2.15 - DREW 0-0
Sochaux 10pts win @ 2.75 - 2.98 - LOST 1-4


Huddersfield @ 7/4 - WON 1-0

Bets Placed

Reel Charmer £100 win @ 10/1 - 11/1...............(100)
Auroras Encore £200 e/w @ 8/1 - 9/1...............(400)
Crocodiles Rock £100 e/w @ 16/1 - 20/1............(200)
Anthony Kim £141 win @ 14/1, £59 win @ 15.5.......(200)
Chapchai Nirat £50 e/w on BF......................(100)
Nice £300 win @ 2.04...............................312
Palermo £300 win @ 2.08...........................(300)
Sochaux £300 win @ 2.90...........................(300)
Huddersfield £200 win @ 2.84 (net).................354
Personal - Pricewise extra.........................(50)

Loss on day £984


AJ said...

Interesting what you say re trading. I backed Reel Charmer and got on @ 12/1 and then layed it back in running to return my stake @ 4.7 on Betfair, ok I feel smug that I havent lost anything but if it had gone on to win....never know. Sometimes I feel I play around with the bets too much and end up diminishing my returns as a consequence. All the best for the coming week.

JP said...

Hi AJ,

Everyone has their own ideas about the game. Nothing wrong with saving stakes, going all green etc. Whatever you feel happy with.

Just work to a plan that suits and see how things go.

All the best