Monday, 23 November 2009

Punter Profits saves the day

Monday 23 November

Looked like being another tough day until the last couple of races where Punter Profits had two selections which both qualified as bets under two of their systems.

Both Calzaghe and Dusk won for me and Newcastle winning tonight for Winabob ensured a fair start to the week.

Two selections from SLH on his mainline, Solway Minstrel advised each way finished fourth and Le Burf was beaten a neck into second place.

Just one selection for Tipping Legends - Ballinderry Park was pulled up.

KB's period of introspection didn't last too long, as expected really, but Amber Brook could only manage second place behind Whiteoak.

The Birdie Golf selection for the LPGA championship was also a loser today.

Bets Advised

SLH Private

Solway Minstrel 1pt e/w @ min 8/1 - 4TH (SP 13/2)
Le Burf 2pts win @ min 11/4 - 2ND (SP 2/1)

Birdie Golf

Brittany Lincicome 0.5 pts e/w @ 100/1 - TIED 67TH

Punter Profits

Dusk (systems A / D) - WON 6/4
Calzaghe (systems A / D) - WON 5/6


Amber Brook 5pts win @ 11/4 - 2ND (SP 7/4)

Tipping Legends

Ballinderry Park 2pts win @ 4/1 - LOST (SP 7/2)


Newcastle @ 11/8 - WON 1-0

Bets Placed

Solway Minstrel £100 e/w @ 8/1 - 12/1...........(200)
Le Burf £200 win @ 11/4 - 10/3..................(200)
Brittany Lincicome £50 e/w @ 66/1 - 80/1........(100)
Dusk £90 win @ 11/10 (BOG).......................135
Dusk £110 win @ BF SP (net)......................180
Dusk £200 win @ 2.34 (net).......................264
Calzaghe £400 win @ 11/10........................396 - 10p rule 4
Amber Brook £250 win @ 2/1 - 9/4................(250)
Ballinderry Park £200 win @ 4/1.................(200)
Newcastle £200 win @ 6/4.........................300

Profit on day £325


Graham Hyde said...

I'm starting to fall out with the SLH betting service. There is no transparency; a complete lack of clarity about profits on the website; having to call that expensive number from my mobile is a pain in the arse on top of the already-large subscription fees; the lack of honesty from Rob or Steve about what went wrong when the service ran in deficit for two years - shocking; and finally a complete apathy from Rob about the bogus information on his dreadful website. Come on Rob and Steve - sort out your service and be honest!

propunter said...


Very interesting blog. Keep up the good workmate. I'd like to ask you some advice re trading etc,could you drop me an email for this pease

Anonymous said...

Mate, I don't know what you're on but Guy Ward, as far as I can see, does not offer a list of bets advised. I'm not a member (thankfully) but the website is not user friendly with no information. What is his website for in fact?

Dan Wilson said...

Hi, can you help me. I have been on the Inside Rail website. I don't understand what they are offering. The website intro is so badly written with it's instead of its that it is hard to understand. They are obviously illiterate for a start. Anyway, what is the relationship of Inside Rail and The Form Guru and which do you follow? Are they the same thing? The website says 'Once you have signed up please email us to inform us of which service you require' as if there are several on offer. I wish these sites would explain things clearly in plain english for a change.

JP said...

Hi anon,

The results list I mentioned the other day are on his forum on the site, which is only available to members.

From the comment the guy left I assumed he was a member and so would be able to see the results.

Some tipsters do put their full results on their websites but most don't. You have to draw your own conclusions as to why that might be.

Presumably his website is intended to advertise his service, clearly not working for you !


Hi Dan,

Just having a look and trying to remember what I did. It's not a good website I agree.

The Form Guru service which is the one I follow is affiliated to The Inside Rail somehow - as far as I know Chris does the tipping and Inside Rail collect the subs.

If you're interested you need to sign up for the free trial - I recommend you use the alternative payment page where you can use Paypal, as I know a couple of people were charged after deciding they didn't want to continue after the first month. With Paypal you can cancel the subscription at any time.

You'll then get an e-mail from them and let them know it's The Form Guru service that you want.

Hope this is some help to you.


Hi propunter, please leave me another comment with your e-mail address on it (won't publish it) and I'll contact you.


Hi Graham,

I commented on what I thought about the site the other day.

I'm aware they had a long losing run a while back but I wasn't a member then. I've been with him just over two years and he's around 400 points in profit during my time with him.

As for your other comments, you need to address them direct to SLH.

Anonymous said...

The Form Guru has too many bets for my liking. He has made a profit, yes but ROI is poor.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to join the SLH sport betting service mate?

JP said...

Hi anon,

I don't mind having plenty of bets if a service is profitable.

My biggest issue is with the advised prices, which in many cases are not achievable even at the time the e-mail is received - and even if they are quoting prices which are only available with Sporting Bet or Skybet is misleading.

I think the service is profitable enough without having to resort to such tactics.

However I reckon you can knock 15-20% off the advertised returns.

I should be doing better than I am though as I missed a 20/1 and a 12/1 winner in the last few weeks.


Hi anon,

Forgot all about it to be honest until he mentioned it again today.

I didn't enquire when he first talked about it a few weeks back, but I'll find out what it's all about and make a decision.

colin said...

God you don't half attract some looneys to your blog. All thee comments demanding that you 'fix it' or 'sort it out' should just be ignored. Put up the tips you get and the bets you place, at the odds you get and let the looneys go elsewhere. Anyone doesn't like a service don't use it.

JP said...

Hi Colin,

Something like this will always attract it's fair share of muppets as well as those of you with interesting points to make or questions to ask.

I try not to moderate too many, as I do appreciate most of the comments but some of them do go a bit too far.