Sunday, 8 November 2009

ROI figures

Someone asked the other day about the ROI for this year.

I've attached a spreadsheet showing the figures as they stand today. Some amazing numbers, 3696 bets so far with total stakes of £405,000.

The ROI figure doesn't include the profits on my own bets as on the busy days I didn't always record every bet, rather a profit or loss total on the day.

I've achieved an ROI so far of 8.41%, as against 11.61% which could have been achieved to advised stakes and prices.

Main reason for this is variations to the staking plans during the year - I've made several changes to get to where I am now, and I'm happy enough with the current staking plan. I have to rely on the services to advise optimal stakes on their bets and then it's up to me to get them on at the best price I can. That's the tricky bit !

Comments welcome as always.


Big Dave Richards said...

It seems to be that you should ditch Maths and those ridiculous football services. Increase unit stakes on SLH to £200 per unit and you'll be laughing come Xmas.

Jonathan said...

Hi, I don't know about you but I was unable to back SLH's suggestion today (Simple Jim 6/1). The 1.5 unit each way bet equalled £75 each way for me but the staff in the Corals shop were only offering me £25 each way or win only on that race - crap field with three shortish priced horses and the rest double figure odds or more. In hindsight the win only was maybe the best option but I withdrew my bet and went to Ladbrokes, but by then the price had shortened to 4/1. When Steve talks about minimum prices, does he recommend not placing a bet if the price is below that minimum price - how do you play these? Ironically the horse drifted out today but I was at work so couldn't get on. I hope you were more successful than me!

Anonymous said...

This is very useful. It just shows how much more profitable SLH is to say Maths or the Form Analyst. I know the latter is profitable but you have shelled out a hell of a lot of money on some of these services. I really don't rate Guy and would suggest you ditch him - he doesn't have any inside information like Steve.

Anonymous said...

Maths is a total failure according to your results!

JP said...

Hi Big Dave,

Well one football service ditched yesterday, but Football Elite have been fantastic this season, and I'm hopeful that Winabob will turn things around before long.

As for Maths it's been a very poor year, despite the recent changes and I have a decision to make here.

Will continue until Christmas, but that will probably be the end unless things take a significant turn for the better before the end of the year.


Hi Jonathan. Sorry to hear you missed the winner today. As I've just explained on the blog, I missed the price early doors but I was able to get the bet on Betfair later on when the price drifted back out.

Can't remember the last time I had a bet in a shop but I think in that situation it would have been as well to take what they offered you and do the rest win only. You could always try for the place on Betfair later.

Shows what a joke these firms are though now, £25 e/w max on a 6/1 shot. Know where they ought to be with that. Sure they wouldn't have restricted you if you tried to put the £150 into one of their roulette machines.


Hi Anon 1 & 2,

It's a different way of looking at things and interesting how things look over nearly a full year. My staking hasn't always worked in my favour - particularly with the Tipping Legends selections in the first part of the year.

Exceptional results for SLH and EI this year, but some decent performances elsewhere also.

Mentioned earlier my thoughts on Maths.

He said the other day that next year is likely to be the last for the service in its current form. Been with him two years and last year was very good, but something has been seriously lacking this year.