Sunday, 15 November 2009

ROI + Graph


mully1 said...

Hi JP, Glad to see some results are coming in for you. I follow your blog with great interest. Could you possibly link me back please?
Steve (

JP said...

Hi Steve,

Will link you up now, excellent blog - keep up the good work !

All the best

Anonymous said...

Do you know when SLH goes on his Christmas break?

JP said...

Hi anon,

Can't remember exactly when he went last year - think it's around the time that racing shuts down for a couple of days before Christmas and then he'll be back early January.

Sure he'll announce it sometime towards the end of this month.

RaceBets said...

I see your Punter Profits is showing a loss (if I read the charts right) yet I just downloaded their results from here and seems to indicate a profit ? Any idea what's going on as I was thinking of having a look but not so sure looking at your results with them so far.


JP said...

Hi Dave,

Profitable day on Thursday has put me in front again.

Only started following these on 1 September - increased stakes on 29 October whereupon they went on a losing run.

Also they've had 5 horses at 4/6 or shorter which I think is too short to back, four of which have won, and I missed a 5/2 winner so things could be a lot better.

Have them around 10 points in front since 1 September to level stakes.

All the best