Monday, 30 November 2009

Start again tomorrow !

Monday 30 November

A small loss to end the month and I'm happy to draw a veil over November with the final loss totalling just under £10,000.

It was to be expected really after the great run I've had through most of the year, but it's a sharp reminder of how precarious this business can be.

Anyway start of a new month tomorrow, it's Tuesday which has been good news for me and Equine Investments are back for their all weather season. Getting on will be a challenge (!) and it will be interesting to see how the markets react - I think I already know the answer to that one. Betfair will be down until at least 11am tomorrow also.

The most noteworthy event of the day was a winner for Isiris, with Enroblim Trop getting the job done at 11/4. It's a long road back from where I am with this service, but got to start somewhere.

Tipping Legends had one bet with Zuwaar, beaten into 4th place, although less than half a length behind the winner.

The Punter Profits selection I Have Dreamed was beaten into second by the odds on favourite Working Title, and SLH advised a lay of Den Of Iniquity on his exchange line but the horse won. Maths gave Den Of Iniquity as his mention of the day but I didn't back it !

Another loser for Pricewise Extra with Low Delta. The price had already gone by the time I got to check to see what had been given out, but it drifted back out pre-race and my order on Betfair was matched.

Bets Advised

SLH Exchange

Den Of Iniquity 1pt lay @ max 2.75 - WON

Punter Profits

I Have Dreamed (system A) - 2ND (SP 9/4)


Enroblim Trop 4pts win @ 11/4 - 3/1 - WON (SP 11/4)

Tipping Legends

Zuwaar 3pts win - 4TH (SP 13/8)

Bets Placed

Den Of Iniquity £100 lay @ 2.6.....................(160)
I Have Dreamed £100 @ 2/1, £100 @ 3................(200)
Enroblim Trop £180 win @ 11/4, £20 @ 3.85 (net).....550
Zuwaar £150 win @ 5/2, £150 back @ 3.6.............(300)
Personal - Pricewise Extra..........................(50)

Loss on day £160


Jason said...

Hi JP, yes it has been a tough month but like you say there are always tests along the way.Good luck for the new month.


JP said...

cheers Jason,

sure it will turn around before long. It's not meant to be easy this game !

All the best