Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Lousy day again

Tuesday 8 December

More of the same I'm afraid, and another day of no winners and big losses.

Only three of the services were in action, but that was enough to produce ten losers and one each way place return.

Expensive day on the Tipping Legends account which was estabished early in the day with four point and three point losses in the early part of the Southwell card. Two selected in the Southwell 3.0, but neither of these troubled the judge either.

The Form Guru was back in action after a couple of days off, but he came up empty handed from six bets.

The final TFG bet was Sebastiano in the 3.40 at Fontwell, where Isiris had put up Mister Pous each way.

Didn't see the race as I was working, but listened to the commentary on the phone - and coming to the last my two were in there pitching with Noun De La Thinte, the three of them well clear.

Inevitably, given the current run, the other one won - by a short head - from Sebastiano, with Mister Pous in third, with both of mine trading as low as 1.42 in running.

Never got on the Pricewise Extra selection, as the advised price on Isle de Maurice (2pts win @ 7/2) had long since disappeared by the time I was able to check - the horse winning at an SP of 2/1.

See what happens tomorrow !

Bets Advised

Chris, The Form Guru

Plenilune 1pt e/w @ 20/1 - LOST (SP 10/1)
Just Playful 2pts win @ 8/1 - 4TH (SP 17/2)
Work Boy 1pt e/w @ 10/1 - LOST (SP 6/1)
Wasntme 2pts win @ 7/1 - LOST (SP 9/2)
Dickie Le Davoir 2pts win @ 11/2 - LOST (SP 6/1)
Sebastiano 2pts win @ 5/1 - 2ND (SP 7/1)


Mister Pous 2pts e/w @ 7/1 - 8/1 - 3RD (SP 10/1)

Tipping Legends

Bentley Brook 4pts win @ 4/1 - 4TH (SP 6/1)
Rebel Duke 3pts win @ 3/1 - LOST (SP 9/4)
First Swallow 1pt win @ 9/2 - 4TH (SP 4/1)
Brazilian Brush 1pt win @ 33/1 - LOST (SP 33/1)

Bets Placed

Plenilune £50 e/w on BF...................(100)
Just Playful £100 win on BF...............(100)
Work Boy £50 e/w on BF....................(100)
Wasntme £100 win on BF....................(100)
Dickie Le Davoir £100 win on BF...........(100)
Sebastiano £100 win on BF.................(100)
Mister Pous £50 e/w @ 6/1 (BOG).............50
Mister Pous £50 e/w on BF (net).............26
Bentley Brook £400 win on BF..............(400)
Rebel Duke £300 win on BF.................(300)
First Swallow £100 win on BF..............(100)
Brazilian Brush £100 win on BF............(100)

Loss on day £1424


Anonymous said...

Hello JP

You have done so well this year, with only a couple of weeks left are you tempted to shut up shop and go and enjoy your winnings?

Must be very difficult at the moment and even harder not chaseing your loses, the sport can be really cruel at times but as we all know that is what the betting bank is there for and one thong is for sure you keep to your system at all times.
Are you ever tempted to really get into a selection when you really feel it is the day yourself and be confident in your own experience?

I hope you see the year out and surely a outside selection will come home soon and make us happy!
One thing is for sure the minute you shut up shop the drums will be out and the winners will start flowing, sods law.

The biggest issue I personally have following horses is when you have been following a selection and its not delivered the goods, then next time out it gets home at silly odds!!!!

Good luck and have a great Christmas.

JP said...

Hi mate,

Going away for six weeks at Christmas so after only having one week away from this all year, it will do me good to have a long break.

It was my original intention to finish the year on Sunday 20 December, but I'm probably going to bring that forward a week.

I've got a few things I need to do before I go away, including spending a few days visiting friends down on the south coast before Christmas.

Also I'm not guaranteed to be able to get the bets on every day next week so it might be as well to stop on Sunday and draw a line under what has been a fantastic year despite the bad run of the last few weeks.

Hopefully, a few winners this week will get things back on track.

Whatever I miss while I'm away then that's just the way it goes, there'll be plenty of opportunities next year !

Thanks for your comment, and all the best to you.


JP said...


Ref your comment left on Wednesday, can you send me another with an e-mail address so I can contact you.