Sunday, 6 December 2009

Profit Graph

Thought I'd update the graph as I've not done it for a while - shows how things have fallen away in the last few weeks.


Anonymous said...


Ryan Jones said...

'Held up, ridden over 2f out, no impression.' Another donkey from
SLH's AW team! That is 12 in a row of losses. He is bleeding me dry with his poor selections.

Ian Nolan said...

Hi, how do you account your punting profits on your HMRC self-employed tax return? I cannot find any box or column to declare them in. Please help or send me a link to some helpful info if you have some. I bet a lot in cash so it's tricky for me to prove where cash deposits into my bank account of up to £2.5k have come from. No idea what to do and worried I'll get in the shit as do not keep betting receipts.

Andy Pearce said...

For your information: Steve Lewis Hamilton uses Betdaq betting exchange and not Betfair, hence why you are missing prices. Betdaq have slightly more liquidity on British and Irish horse racing. I scrapped Betfair because it's rubbish for midweek, Class 5 or 6 trappy handicaps. Betdaq is much better in many ways.

Jonathan said...

The SLH calls are very expensive from mobiles when you tot them up over the course of a month. You can easily spend £20 per week if you listen to the whole messages plus the review. That's over £80 a month and another £1000 per year on top of his subscription rates. He should send out text messages in my opinion. Would be easier and clearer. Often I have to ring the line twice to double-check the name or names of his selections, especially when I call without a pen or pencil to hand. Let me know your thoughts on this matter. I think it is simply a cheeky, hidden cost which, in this day and age, could be avoided by embracing modern technology such as e-mails and text messages.

JP said...

Hi anon,

Can't say I've ever heard of that to be honest. Don't feature on the proofing sites that I use.


Keep up Ryan, it's 15 in a row now !


Hi Ian,

I don't fill a tax return in as gambling winnings are not taxeable - I am not self employed as the Inland Revenue do not regard earning a living from gambling as a trade.

That's not to say they can't make enquiries as to where you're getting your money from so I keep full detailed records of my betting should any questions ever arise.

If you're doing it to the extent that it sounds like, then you will be records anyway so just keep doing that.



Where do you get that from ? I do wonder at some of the comments I get on here at times.


Hi Jonathan,

When I first started doing this a couple of years ago, all the services I used relayed their selections by phone messages. Maths was the only one to use e-mails and texts and even he had a phone line for back up.

Times have changed though and of the ones I use now it's just SLH and Isiris which still use phone messages.

I don't think Isiris would work any other way to be fair, but I'm sure SLH could move with the times and start sending texts or e-mails.

Anonymous said...

JB says,cant wait until SLH switches to email. will be the end of the days of running to phone box to ring up everyday fumbling with pencil and paper and netbook.
I refuse temption to take easy option and ring on mobile.