Thursday, 3 December 2009

Still quiet

Thursday 3 December

Just one winner today with Quinte Du Chatelet for Punter Profits, selected by two of their systems and an easy winner.

Another SLH Exchange bet unmatched today, Sweet World was advised as a lay at 3.2 which was the price when the message was recorded. There was plenty trying to lay 3.25 by the time I looked at the market - left an order at 3.2 and it never got filled. Seems to be an increasing problem recently, had five unmatched in the last couple of weeks.

Would help if the message on the exchange line wasn't released at the same time as the main line, I've sent an e-mail suggesting he delays the exchange message by 5 or 10 minutes but haven't heard anything back. As it stands, with the way the markets react to his bets, it isn't practical to follow both services.

Couple of good places for The Form Guru, with The Pious Prince second at 14/1 (beaten by a 50/1 chance) and Zen Factor at 16/1 (got 14/1) third behind Quinte Du Chatelet.

Maths had Ella Woodcock as an account bet today, but could only manage second place and it doesn't look as if I'm make anything on these this year with only a couple more weeks to go.

Couple of losers from Tipping Legends today, including Tourist who finished third in the Wolverhampton 4.45 - put this in a reverse forecast with Equine's mention today, Toto Skyllachy but nothing doing.

Bets Advised

SLH Exchange

Sweet World 1pt lay @ max 3.2 - LOST (UNMATCHED)

Maths Account Bet

Ella Woodcock £50 win @ 9/2 - 5/1 - 2ND (SP 7/2)

Chris, The Form Guru

The Pious Prince 1pt e/w @ 14/1 - 2ND (SP 14/1)
Foxesbow 2pts win @ 9/2 - LOST (SP 5/1)
Devil's Creek 1pt e/w @ 10/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)
Kassuta 2pts win @ 17/2 - LOST (SP 9/2)
zen Factor 1pt e/w @ 16/1 - 3RD (SP 8/1)

Punter Profits

Quinte Du Chatelet (systems A/D) - WON (SP 15/8)

Tipping Legends

Wizard Of Edge 1pt win @ 7/1 - LOST (SP 6/1)
Tourist 2pts win @ 9/2 - 3RD (SP 11/4)

Bets Placed

Ella Woodcock £200 win @ 9/2, £50 on BF.....(250)
The Pious Prince £50 e/w @ 14/1..............125
Foxesbow £100 win on BF.....................(100)
Devil's Creek £50 e/w @ 10/1................(100)
Kassuta £100 win @ 8/1......................(100)
Zen Factor £50 e/w @ 14/1.....................90
Quinte Du Chatelet £200 win @ 15/8...........375
Quinte Du Chatelet £200 win on BF (net)......408
Wizard Of Edge £100 win @ 8/1...............(100)
Tourist £200 win @ 9/2......................(200)
Personal - PWE / Equine mentions............(100)
Personal - £50 R/F 4.45 Wolves..............(100)

Loss on day £52


darren said...

do you now how much proft for the insider rail to sp from darren

Daniel Wilson said...

I agree with you about SLH. It's even worse when the AW, Exchange and Private service messages all go up at 12pm. Still the AW service isn't much to write home about and the market doesn't seem to react to the info given so there evidently aren't many followers. It's 10 or 11 straight losses in a row. See what Rob can come up with tomorrow afternoon or evening! Quite week for Steve this week - let's hope he pulls something special out of the hat tomorrow.

mrh-beats said...

In terms of losing days in a row - is this the worst for you? It's been a torrid time lately.

I had high hopes for November - hopefully this month brings better days!!

Any views of Horse Betting Index - kind of taking a watching brief at the moment - but they had a good November which is more than can be said for most.


mrh-beats said...

Oh sorry I had another question - i remember a while ago you had some posts i think from someone who said they can put bets on for you if your on your hols. Did i dream that or did you ever follow it up? I'm abroad for 3 weeks at New Year so was intrigued by that.

JP said...

Hi Darren,

I don't keep a record of results to SP although I do record the SP's on my spreadsheet.

Could have a look at it if I get time but might take a while, over 1000 tips in the last 7 months !


Hi Daniel,

Could do with something to move things on a bit.

Not making any progress at the moment, and I've got less than three weeks to go now this year.

Would be good to finish the year on a high.

Best of luck for the weekend.

JP said...

Hi Malcolm,

Nine in a row is the worst, also lost for the first nine days of October this year.

Only lost £350 in 4 days so far this week, so won't take a lot of turning round but the last month has been pretty dismal.

I'm keeping my eye on HBI, one of several services on my radar for next year - I am planning on some changes for 2010 but I've not made my mind up yet.

Regards holidays etc, I think I made a comment on this a days ago.

I've only had one week away from it this year, back in June, but I've someone put on for me a couple of times when I've been out of action for the odd day.

Not had any long breaks this year so far, so if I've been away for a weekend or whatever then I've organised myself to get the messages and to get on - fairly easy with a phone which lets you read your e-mails and browse the internet.

I'm going away for 7 weeks at Christmas and during that time I won't be betting at all. I want a complete break and won't even be thinking about it.

I think if you're going on holiday, then go on holiday - it will all still be here when you get back.

Wouldn't go away during Cheltenham though !

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the best service out there is fryboy. 80 pts up in 5 months and you can easily get on. His site says he is showing a 23% ROI also. Pretty good by any bodies standards.

Niklas said...

Hi JP,

I am gonna sign up for TFG trial and wonder if you can recomend what size of the bank i should have to follow it.

Thanks for the blog, it's great.


JP said...

Hi anon,

Looking at a few for next year and have Fryboy on the radar.

Thanks for the comment,


Hi Niklas,

I think you need a minimum of 250 points due to the volume of bets given out.

You'll generally be staking a minimum of 10 points a day so you need a decent bank.

Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Has Fryboy not blown a couple of banks in the past?

darren said...

whot is fryboy web site jp from dazz

JP said...


Don't know a great deal about him really. He had a free site at one time and used to check that every now and again.

Looking at the results on his site he's done better in the last few months than a few of the ones I'm currently using !

However, there's no independent verification of his results so that's one thing to be aware of.

Like I say, I'm looking at a few different ones with a view to setting up for next year but haven't made any decisions yet.



site is