Friday, 26 February 2010

Not the best

Friday 26 February

When Peveril won the opening race at Warwick this afternoon, the first leg of an each way double for SLH, hopes were raised that it could be a very good day - especially in the knowledge that Equine Investments had given out five bets.

However it all fell pretty flat after that - the second leg of the double Sandofthecolosseum could only finish third, and while it was a profitable bet it wasn't the big win I was hoping for.

Managed to get 25/1 on SLH's other bet of the day (14/1 was the advised minimum price), but it ran like it's morning price suggested it would and finished down the field.

Equine have been in great form lately as everyone knows, but for once they came up empty today.

The Form Guru had one winner, Lavenoak Lad at 5/1, among his four selections.

Punter Profits had two horses today, Fin Vin De Leu (a selection on two of the systems) but the price of 4/6 was too short for me - the horse winning - and Nous Voila, who was just edged into second place by Tom O'Tara.

Still finding my way with Formbet, again just backing the headlined selections at the top of the e-mail, but I need to make more use of the write-ups as well as the daily ratings. I'll get to grips with it over the next few days I'm sure.

Done a bit of tweaking with the pivot table created by the spreadsheet, which hopefully is a bit easier to read this time. Any feedback welcome as always.

Couple of requests for a year to date summary - I'll do the same as I did last year and include that each week on Sunday evening.

I'm not exactly flying along so far - currently £467 behind since I came back.

Friday 26 February

Results from Portfolio (below)...................(399)
Personal Bets / Trades............................(25)

Loss on day £424


SimpleBet said...

Difficult time of year JP, things will settle down over the next two months.

Silly as it sounds, £400 or so behind isn't too bad, especially as you are getting used to new services and how they operate.

Cheltenham is only 2 weeks or so away now and with the start of the flat season and Aintree to come some of your services should really come into their own.

We can't wait for the flat season to start, in particular. Lots of unraced 2yo's to look forward to!

Keep up the good work


JP said...


Yeah, February was my worst month last year until things fell apart at the end !

A lot to look forward to as you say, can't believe Cheltenham is only a couple of weeks away !

Best of luck to you

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with SimpleBet. Most professional punters I know are struggling at this time of the year too, especially with the weather wreaking havoc at present.
We just need to be patient and disciplined, this is a long-term game after all.
Let's ride through the lows, and enjoy the highs when it comes!
Take care and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi JP,
Been following since lat last year and see your back after the hols. Hope you enjoyed them!
Anyhow Question is;
I see you have a new method of recording results. Wil you be showing a running total of each service as the season goes on, and if so how often?

Cheers Jamie

Shaun said...


I hope you dont mind I've linked to this site from my new blog.

I use a couple of services you dont so you might want to keep an eye on them :)



JP said...

Hi anon,

Hopefully the weather will take a turn for the better now and the results will follow !

Thanks for your good wishes, and best of luck to you.


Hi Jamie,

Great holiday thanks, but good to be back now.

I'll put the results up every Sunday.


Hi Shaun,

No problem, I'll link you up to here.

Best of luck to you.