Thursday, 18 February 2010

Nothing doing

Thursday 18 February

Just two of the services in action today.

Tipping Legends advised an each way bet on Anquetta at 6/1 which finished second, however the BOG concession came in handy as the SP was 11/1.

TFG invested 10 points on six horses but once again came up empty handed - the second place for Doc Row was the closest I came to a return, although War Footing finishing third at 16/1 was a good run but advised as a win bet.

Bets Advised

Tipping Legends

2.00 Ffos Las -- Anquetta 1pt e/w @ 6/1 - 2ND (SP 11/1)

The Form Guru

2.45 Kelso -- Doc Row 2pts win @ 9/2 - 2ND (SP 7/2)
3.10 Ffos Las -- Flaco 1pt e/w @ 11/1 - LOST (SP 9/1)
3.10 Ffos Las -- War Footing 1pt win @ 14/1 - 3RD (SP 16/1)
3.45 Ffos Las -- Miss Overdrive 2pts win @ 7/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)
3.45 Ffos Las -- Genies Lamp 0.5 pts e/w @ 22/1 - LOST (SP 16/1)
3.55 Kelso -- Editor's Rose 2pts win @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)

Bets Placed

Anquetta £25 e/w @ 6/1 (BOG)...................30
Doc Row £50 win @ 4/1.........................(50)
Flaco £25 e/w @ 10/1..........................(50)
War Footing £25 win 14.5......................(25)
Miss Overdrive £50 win @ 7/1..................(50)
Genies Lamp £12.50 e/w on BF..................(25)
Editor's Rose £50 win @ 8/1...................(50)
Personal Bets / Trades........................(15)

Loss on day £235


Anonymous said...


Welcome back. Best of luck for the year.

Have you been monitoring the performance of the services while you have been away? Have any been struggling or excelling?


Anonymous said...

JB says,
JP if your considering another service i know you used to do bestunder, a few months ago they highlighted that were double unit stake games, operate at a 35% yield historically....there not many selections but yield shud be good....something to consider

Jonathan said...

Dear JP, it would be useful to know what bookmakers (online accounts) you are using this year following the various restrictions you encountered last year. I know you use Betfair some of the time but I assume you have other accounts. Presumably the reduction in your stakes is making it easier to 'get on' with some of the firms. Please let me know your staking plan and roster of bookmakers. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oi mate, do you recommend Bet365 over all others? I see your staking is now £75 per point for the SLH Private Service and £50 per point for the Exchange Service. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Please supply a clearly defined staking plan on your main page and list the bookmakers whose services you use.

JP2 said...

Hi JP,

Just wondering to you keep ROI figures for each of the services that you use?

I would be very interested to see them. Maybe you could blog them. It would be interesting to see how they compare on a £ for £ basis.

If you have them and do not wish to blog them could you email them to me.

Best regards,

JP said...
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JP said...

Hi Tim,

I've looked into how they all got since I got back.

Equine Investments and Isiris (main account bets) had a good run, SLH and TFG did OK as well.

Tipping Legends have had an awful run since the end of the year, but that followed a very good spell since the service was re-organised back in September.

Don't think I missed out on much in terms of profit or loss, but haven't bothered to work anything out.


Hi JB,

I still get the Best Under e-mails. Overall they're around 100 points down for the season now, although ahead so far this year.

I've noticed they've started advising some 14 point bets, but again the odds are way too short (around 1/2) that I just cannot see any value in the bets they are putting up.

Just checked their results on

They've put up 4 of these 14 points bets - 1.61 (won), 1.5 (won), 1.52 (lost), 1.52 (lost)

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think I'll be getting involved again.


Hi Jonathan + anons,

As you realise I've pretty much had it in terms of betting on-line in my own name.

Still use Betfair of course which I will use whenever possible, and I can get money on with the big 4 - although I am restricted.

I've now got some new accounts (via friends and family) which should keep me going a while longer.

Cash in the shops is another option.

Hopefully the reduced staking this year will help things as well.

Just have to get round it the best I can.

Bet365 did play the game with me last year, although everyone seems to have a different experience.

I'll do a post regarding the current staking plan today


Hi JP2,

I did have a spreadsheet monitoring the ROI's last year, but I accidently deleted it !

If you look back to my blog post of Sunday November 15 last year, then I have posted it there - will give you an idea of what I achieved against what was advised.

Obviously this doesn't include the losses over the last 4 weeks of the year.

It is something I will be monitoring and posting on the blog on a regular basis this year.