Monday, 22 February 2010

Nothing to report

Well not quite true.

Isiris were supposed to have an account bet today, but when I rang the message it cut out before the name of the horse was given. Couldn't ring back either as that was the third callback today and you only get three "lives" per day to prevent pin numbers being shared.

No idea if anyone else had the same problem - have to wait until tomorrow to find out the name of the horse, I know which race it was but I'd be surprised if he got the winner.

Otherwise, with both jumps meetings being abandoned, there was nothing for me.

Hopefully back in action tomorrow.

**** Edited at 20.15 ****

Problem with the Isiris line must have been at my end as a couple of you have contacted me to advise that the bet lost.


Mick said...

Hi JP,

It's amazing to think how much has changed in the last year or so.

Your staking plan seems very well thought out and my guess is it will prove to be well worth the time and effort you've put into it.

Looking back I think that's partly where I went wrong last year. I increased stakes too quickly and then lost confidence when things went wrong. I should have asked you or GD to put something together for me before I upped my stakes! Not to worry, we all move on and these things happen for a reason.

Cheltenham will soon be with us again and it will no doubt be a busy time for you. When I saw the amounts you were laying out at the meeting last year I thought it would end in tears but you got through it somehow and ended up well in front by the end of the year.

Good luck this time around.


SD said...

Over the past 3 months I have used a lot of the services you do and have found that its very rare they hit the mark all at the same time.

I use

SLH Private
I also use two other services that you dont have on your portfolio

The Inside rails "other" serice

And another that I wont name as I dont want to be seen to be spamming

I have come to the conclusion that as I said above that if one service is firing on all cylinders the other's seem to let me down and take any profit made away or even leave me at a loss.

The only time I can remember TL and TFG both scoring was pre xmas and even that profit was taken away by both losing on a following few days.

sorry if I sound like I'm ranting ..I'm not ..I have just come to the conclusion that TL and TFG together are too expsosed at the same time also SLH is way to expensive unless your a playing high stakes with a large bank..I do believe thought that TFG is worth sticking with as its far cheaper and more profitable when he does hit home.

For me I will be using

TFG ( reduced stakes )
The inside rail private service
and the other one
Might sign up to FE when my bank is repaired from last weeks disaster :)

Fantastic blog ..follow you every day ..keep it up

Anonymous said...

I thought Isiris had closed for business? Is someone else running the service now?

Matt said...

Hi John, good blog. Thought you might be interested in the AW service I run:

In good profit and have had some cracking results so far this year.


Graham Hyde said...

A poor start to your betting year. Are you beginning to miss the security of your office job? I know it was dull and boring but at least you had a regular income each month. You are now living on a knife edge between possible riches and complete financial meltdown.

Graham said...

Hi JP, any thoughts on Blue Sky Racing? The website is beautifully presented with a full list of winners and losers to £100 level stakes. Looks good.

Anonymous said...

How do I become a member of EI and how much do they charge? Are they the best?

Anonymous said...

Any opinion on this mate?

JP said...

Hi Mick,

I'm sure the staking plan will do it's job assuming that the tipsters keep their side of the bargain !

As I've mentioned I was laying out stupid amounts by the end, and every day I seemed to either win or lose at least a grand.

Still, that was last year and I only need concern myself with what's happening now.

Looking forward to the festival of course, I will be doing the "live blog" again this year. Don't think I'll be laying out quite as much this time around, but sure there'll be plenty to keep everyone amused.

Best of luck with your betting this year.


PS - Well done on your poker win !!!


Hi SD,

From putting the results together while I was away, it doesn't seem like I missed much overall and following on from the bad run at the end of last year, it's been a pretty tough time for the last 3-4 months.

Overall though I've done very well from this since I started in 2007, and I'm looking forward to another successful year.

One of the major issues I have is having multiple tips in the same race, which indicates that my portfolio could be better balanced - it is heavily biased towards racing as you know.

I keep monitoring the performance and the make-up of the portfolio, there've been plenty of changes over the last couple of years and no doubt there'll be more in the next few months.

Good luck to you.


Anon, Isiris has been up and running since September last year with KB at the helm.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your comment, I've been looking at your site over the weekend and may well be in touch !



Hi Graham 1,

Not missing any aspect of the job.

I worked for more than 20 years and I never had a job I enjoyed doing.

Now I'm having a go at doing what I've always wanted to do.

If it doesn't work out, then at least I've had a go.


Hi Graham,

I followed Blue Sky for about three months in 2008. Never again !

Look at the full results - since 1 July 2008 a grand total of 17 points profit in 20 months - that's to advised stakes and prices.

All for £1000 per year.


Hi anon, you've got no chance of becoming a member of EI anytime soon.

If you're not already on his waiting list for 2010, then you won't get in this year.

Contact them on their website and ask to be put on the list for 2011.


Hi anon,

Don't know anything about Dunwoody's service - never seen any results or claims either.

Just had a quick look at his website, looking at the "recent results" I'd like to think you could do better yourself !

Also I see that he charges "£20 at SP" for each winning tip, so if you happened to miss a 5/1 winner you'd get charged £100 for it ! Another thing, it doesn't look like losers are deductable.

Just from looking at that, I'd steer well clear !

Anonymous said...

hi there just a suggestion have you checked out some of there tipsters seem quite good at a fraction of the price results fully checkable gw