Monday, 15 February 2010

Off and running

Hi everyone,

I was going to wait until today before I got things up and running again.

However I happened to be sitting in front of my PC when the EI text came through on Saturday, and after two months without a bet, I couldn't resist any longer !

It turned out to be a good decision - hopefully the first of many I make this year, and I started off with a winning weekend. Today hasn't been too clever though.

I'll update the first results for this year in another post later on - and I'll report them in the same format as previously.

In the meantime, just a quick note about one or two changes for 2010.

Following the way last year ended, I've decided that I need to reduce the overall staking level from where it was at the end of last year.

Sure I'm being influenced by the losses in the last couple of months, but even if I had turned a profit, I was getting increasingly uncomfortable with having anything up to £5000 on the line on the busiest days.

I'm still finalising the staking plan, but I'm sure I've got something that will do the job, while keeping the stress levels to a manageable level !

I'll give full details when I've got everything sorted.

A few changes to the portfolio - I've dropped Maths, SLH's all weather service and the Isiris Insider Bets for this year. I'm still looking at potential replacements.

Finally, you'll have noticed the blog looks a bit different - been using the same template for the last two years so I thought I'd change things, might do a bit more messing with this as well.

So it's a bit of a "work in progress" at the minute, but I'm getting there and looking forward to the challenge ahead !


blasketisland said...

Absolute best of luck with this JP. I am sure I speak/type for many when I say that we are all looking forward to following what we hope will be an outstanding year of success for you on the punting front.


Anonymous said...

JB says
Hope you dodged SLH`s bullet today.

sup4w115 said...

Good luck for the year ahead , could you add me to your blog list please.



JP said...

Hi JP,

Very interesting Blog indeed. I have came across it by chance recently and have read over the previous years. Looking forward to following your progress this year. Something you might be interest in. There is a poster over here ...

Has been posting all bets before the first selection is due to race for the past two months. Showing a healthy 28pt return to SP and advised stake in that period.

BTW i am JP also

Best of luck

Changing days said...

Excellent stuff JP, really really looking to following how you get on, and wish the very best with it all. Have missed you these last few months!

My blog "winning a fortune" has started the year well, with just over 40pt profit on the year so far.

As you may remember I just follow market moves, which took me to nearly 200pt profit to last August (from the previous mid November), but a very poor September-December dropped that to around 90pts.

With a little bit of tinkering, and the knowledge that this year I'm just not backing anything in September/October, I aim to have a very successful few months myself. Here's hoping anyway!

Already had Tail Of The Bank come in today, so a profit for today's guaranteed which is always good news.

Anyway all the best with everything.

DomiDarko said...

Hi, nice site. Add my site and i'll add yours. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi jp, since boxing day period isiris main accs have been on fire winner after winner. I always did £200 ew main acc's but around mid december i cut it to £150 ew after that disasterous oct/ nov/ where i was £3k down, but have got it all back +£700, kb has been in terrific form with main acc's if u want a full list of what you missed let me know. David

JP said...

Hi Michael,

Many thanks for your kind comments. Looking forward to the challenge !


Unfortunately not JB.


No worries Sup, I'll link you up now.


Hi JP - good name ! Thanks for that, I'll take a look at it.


Hi CD, good to hear from you and glad to hear things have been going well for you.

Very interesting system you are following and will follow your progress this year with interest.


Hi Dom, I'll link you up now.

Thanks all

Anonymous said...

Do not understand why SLH advised a 4-unit win bet. That is very unusual. Cannot see the value. I thought his bets were about value. It was a poor horse even with the favourite down. Still, at least the AW service is well in profit.

JP said...

Hi David,

I heard that he'd managed to turn things around on the main account bets, which is very good to know.

Hope he can push on now with these and we end the year well in front.