Sunday, 28 February 2010

Profit and Loss w/e 28/02/10

A good week with a profit of £791, which just about levels things up since the re-start - I stand £26 down after today.

Steady pretty much sums the week up, with none of the wild swings which characterised the latter part of last year, and that's just what I'm looking for.

I've put up a few of the tables from the spreadsheet below.

Obviously these figures only include results from the last two weeks and will become more meaningful as the weeks go by, but as last year I want to give a detailed breakdown of the results each week, and the year to date position.

First one is a summary of the profit or loss for each service YTD ....

This one is the profit or loss in terms of points staked to advised prices, price taken and SP.

And this one is the profit / loss by day of week for the portfolio (excluding my personal bets)


Edgehunters said...


I am new to blogging and am doing a trail of my own. I would be interested to know how much time you spend in total betting and doing all the admin and posting on your blogs.

Also do you have any time saving tips


Mick said...

Your graphs and tables are brilliantly set out. I don't even know how to copy stuff like that on to the blog!

A big well done with the staking plan so far as well. To be 19 points down but actually in profit is a very early vindication of how much you stake per point for each service.

Ian said...

Your results put most tipsters to shame as some cant even tell me how much profit they made in 2009 son.

Great work.

JP said...

Hi Mark,

Good to hear from you.

The first message comes in just after 10am, and the last one is around 1pm.

I usually watch the racing in the afternoon unless I've got something else to do.

Then, depending on how many bets I've had it'll take me about an hour or so in the evening to update the spreadsheet and the blog, and answer any comments received.

The new spreadsheet has cut the evening workload down, as previously I was typing all the results into my old sheet, and then typing them out again on the blog.

Once the evening racing starts again next month, it will take up more time with later messages, callbacks etc.


Hi Mick,

Thanks very much for that, much appreciated.

Early days yet, but the theory is that I stake more on the best ones so will be interesting how it plays out over the next few months.


Thanks Ian, appreciate that !