Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ssssshhhhh you know who

Thursday 25 February

Profitable day thanks to a winning account bet for Isiris, advised at 4/1 - 9/2, which is included in the personal bets total.

SLH advised two short priced lays on his exchange line and managed to get both Chilli Rose and Master Of The Hall beat. Unfortunately he also did the same to his tip on the mainline, Lisdonagh House finishing well down the field.

No joy for The Form Guru today, with four each way bets all unplaced, whilst I had a dabble on the horses Formbet highlighted in their ratings e-mail, and Hits Only Jude ensured a small profit on these bets.

Bit of a change in format for the results - I've got my results spreadsheet doing most of the work now, and I can just copy over a pivot table showing the results every day. I'll tweak the settings as I along, but this will show all the information I normally put on here, but save me loads of extra typing !

I'll just summarise the daily profit or loss and attach the pivot table underneath.

Thursday 25 February

Results from services (see below)..........(267)
Personal Bets / Trades......................479

Profit on day £212


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to make the minus signs a little clearer please? Different font?

Daniel Kelly said...


Feel free to review my blog Service is about to go subscription only, and is currently 33.5pts in profit since commencing earlier this month.

Any feedback in relation to my blog in general would be appreciated.

Daniel Kelly

JP said...


See what I can do.

Thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Can you give any info on how I can get my results like that? Looks fantastic and very useful as always.

Tom said...

Couple questions on the results page.

What does C mean in the bet type for Punters profit? How do you record your results in a way to produce a daily table like that?

Great blog and best of luck this year


Anonymous said...

Can you somehow add your running-yearly-profit on the table for each service and in total? Also, would be good if you could add the cost of each service somewhere.

Anonymous said...

What a nice spreadsheet JP.

Might have to try to do something like that for myself.


Anonymous said...

I think what we need is more information on the spreadsheet such as running profit tables. Profit YTD etc.

Anonymous said...

You could give this service a try:

Sounds good from what I've heard.

Tom said...

Hi JP,
great to have you in action again this year.wanted to ask your advice,ive got most of my own portfolio in place this year, but was looking for a smaller bolt on service,that could generate 300-400 month type money,and SLH exchange service,would you recommend that?
laying can be very hard to make on cant it,but a 12 month period using his exchange service does it generate enough ,in your opinion,and safely?basically ,does it stack up ,numbers wise?

mrh-beats said...


Good to have you back. Hope you had a great break!

Took your advice when i was away over new year and had three weeks off betting so thanks for that. I was keen to keep going while I was away but the break certainly helped.

Pivot tables... I'm well impressed!!


JP said...

Hi Daniel,

I'll put a link to your blog on here, hopefully will get you a few readers.

Best of luck.


Hi anon,

I've had a lot of help to get it this far. You need to know your way round excel and pivot tables pretty well.

I input all the info such as race time, horse, advised price, advised stake, SP, amount staked etc and when I've done all that, update the pivot table and it comes out as you've seen on the blog.

Can do lots of other reports and analysis as well, just a question of getting the data input and then I can do pretty much what I like with it.


Tom, "C" is the Punter Profits system name - they have six systems A to F.


Hi anon,

I'll update the YTD results every Sunday as I did last year.

I'll also note the subs as I go along. Most of those for this year were prepaid last year. The only ones I've paid so far is the £35 a month for TFG, and £80 for three months of Formbet which I joined last weekend.


Cheers Matt !


Been having a look at

Probably looking at adding a couple more to the portfolio, bot made my mind up yet.


Hi Tom,

SLH's exchange service gave me a £2000 profit last year.

Played £50 per point to mid-June and then £100 per point thereafter.

When I say £100 per point, if he advised a 1pt lay @ 3.0 - that means I would lose £200 if it won.

One of the issues with the service is the liquidity, when these bets go out it's fastest finger first as to who gets what's available and then everyone else has to wait for the market to strengthen later in the day and hopefully get their bets taken.

Missed quite a few bets over the year by failing to secure the advised prices.

The losing runs were minimal and I was happy with the overall performance, save for the issue with getting on.

Hope this is of some help.


Hi mate,

Good to hear from you, hope you are well.

I certainly needed my break by the time it came round, and I think it's essential to just let go of it every now and again.

As I said before, I try not to miss odd days as that can be very irritating if you miss a good winner, but you've got to take your holidays.

Best of luck for the weekend, hopefully start making a few quid !