Friday, 19 March 2010

4.40 Cheltenham

SLH's lay today Bormo won at Fakenham - forgot it was running to be honest. He's got an account bet running there later as well. Hopefully he'll get back on the winning trail as he's been giving it away after a great start to the week.

I reckon I'm more or less level today after the Hunters and so looking to try and find one more winner to end the day in profit.

Martin Pipe Condition Jockeys Hurdle up next and I'm on the David Pipe trained Ashkazar ante-post at 10/1.

A few other chances as well - beginning to feel the pace now but only another hour to go and it's all over !

Bets Placed

Ashkazar £100 win @ 10/1 (ante-post)
Clova Island £25 e/w @ 16/1
Meath All Star £25 e/w @ 14/1
Fairyland £25 e/w @ 16/1
Radium £10 win @ 14/1
Meath All Star £30 win @ 14/1
Fairyland £30 win @ 16/1
Balthazar King £30 win @ 20/1
Fairyland £15 e/w @ 16/1
Clova Island £7.50 e/w @ 16/1
Ashkazar £7.50 win @ 6/1
Peveril £40 @ 8.4
Radium £20 @ 19.5
Pause And Clause £30 @ 18.5

Total Staked £492.50

Oh I'm so good at times LOLOL. Angus McNae has had a decent week on RUK and he gave a positive to Pause And Clause, so decided to chuck £30 at it. Good race for me that one with Radium second and Clova Island back in third. Plenty of grief during the race and a few of mine on the floor - all worked out OK in the end. Profit on race of about £200.


Anonymous said...

JB says,
can trade some money on slh slection drifting lay low 4.0 and back higher ...drifting driftin. soons as hit 4.1-4.2 was ominous was going to drift at 10mins befoe off

Anonymous said...

JB says,
SLH close again down to 1.25 inrunning this time, still cant land one