Saturday, 20 March 2010

Another poor Saturday

Saturday 20 March

Very little on the racing front today, which was welcome after all the excitement of Cheltenham.

Still managed to make a sizeable loss on the football though, as all three of Football Elite's picks today finished as draws.

Skeeve had a profitable day on his non-league bets, but I got nowhere near the advised prices - I never got round to looking at the e-mail until hours after it had been sent out yesterday, just too busy with all the Cheltenham stuff.

Nothing doing with any of the racing tips which were sent out, but I managed to make £70 messing around on Betfair on the racing and the football - which I need to try and do on a regular basis.

I imagine it will be fairly quiet tomorrow, so will try and look back over the week and reply to any comments that need a response.

Saturday 20 March

Portfolio Results (below)..............(616)
Personal Bets / Trades...................71

Loss on day £545


fws said...

Hi JP.

Skeeve's advised prices are tough to get. On most occasions I'm waiting for his e-mail and text, and I'll typically get only one or two bets on at advised prices. Mind you, my PC and connection are not the quickest. But I generally get well above Skeeve's minimum price. A fantastic service. It's been a great 15 months since I joined.

A belated comment about your decision to drop Winabobatoo. Six weeks ago I started using Mike’s ratings for the first time, selecting some of the positive value rated matches. Plus I’ve jumped on Mike’s new Home Zone tips. Early days I know, but this has proven to be quite profitable. Having said that, it is time consuming. But it’s nice to see a profit next Winabobatoo in my database.

I love your blog. It's great reading about your emotions. Here's to many positive emotions for the remainder of this year.



karo2go said...

Hello JP,

i like the read of your blog especially as i am trying to achieve the same like you! My Cheltenham went not really bad, i have had several 2nd places but finally in the 2.40 on Friday i got with Berties Dream backed @50/1 my big winner :)
I mus commit i love your spreadsheet and if it is possible can you send me the excel or which format is it ? I would really appreciate to use it myself!

all the best of luck,


JP said...

Hi Greg,

It's clear that Skeeve knows an awful lot about the non-league scene.

I just hope that I have the chance to capitalise on it. When William Hill won't let you have more than £7.50 on an under/over 3.5 goals market, what chance have you got. Clearly they got the lot this week and they're not about to give anything back !

Regarding Winabob, it's interesting that Mike has started to include those Home Zone tips in his profits now, such a shame that the outright recommendations have performed so badly throughout this season.

I've not really had the time before now to look in any great detail at the ratings - I relied on him to make the right calls for recommended bets. However, there's still another few weeks of the season left so will be interesting to see how things play out over the next couple of months.

Best of luck to you.

JP said...

Hi Karo,

Glad to hear you had a decent Cheltenham.

The results I put up on here are from an excel spreadsheet, which was built for me, so it's not something I can really share.

My own excel skills are pretty limited, I just do the inputs, update the pivot tables and paint it so I can put it up on the blog.

karo2go said...

Thank you JP,
is it possible that i can buy it too from the person who built it for you ? I am really struggling to make such a great overview in my excel spreadsheet! I hope you can help me in this way!


Skeeve said...

Hi JP,

Once again, my experience with William Hill is quite different, but I haven't used them that much before the start of this current football season and I've never placed a bet on a horse race in my life, so that probably helps too. They've let me stake 60 Euros on an OVER 3.5 GOALS bet (@4.00) this weekend and maybe they would've even allowed more, but I like to keep the low profile.

@fws: Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you're satisfied with the service.

JP said...

Hi Karo,

You'll have to leave that one with me for the time being.

I think there is potentially a market here, the guy who built it is thinking about that - it does require some support and maintenance from time to time, when adding or removing services / making sure the pivots work etc.

It might be possible to make it available here to download, but it's not mine to give away really.


Hi skeeve,

Make the most of it, they're as bad as all the others !

Hopefully they'll let you continue for a while yet.