Saturday, 13 March 2010

Another Saturday Shocker

Saturday 13 March

Not much I can say about another terrible day on the horses - yet again no winners at all, and with the way the bets will be flying around next week, I can only hope that Tipping Legends and The Form Guru in particular find their form.

The big race of the day the Imperial Cup at Sandown had no fewer than five different horses tipped up - a dry run for next week I guess, but nothing doing with any of them although Pepe Simo and Tocca Ferro ran well enough.

Nothing doing on the all weather for Equine Investments, and now only three more days to go for this season.

A winner and a loser for Football Elite - Bolton won 4-0 and Borussia Monchengladbach lost 4-0 !

A small profit from following Skeeve's non league bets. As last week, I missed a winner. Was a bit late picking up the e-mail by which time the price on the Weymouth v Welling match had dropped below the recommended minimum price of 1.55.

Also missed the bet on over 4.5 goals in the Grays v Hayes match - I don't have an account with VC and neither Hills or Paddy Power would lay the £25 @ 4/1 I asked for !

Just a note that I've decided that I'm stopping following the Winabob account bets. For whatever reason, Mike hasn't been able to convert the edge that the ratings have into selections for account bets this season. I'll still read the magazines, and see how the rest of the season plays out.

Saturday 13 March

Portfolio Results (below)....................(964)
Personal Bets / Trades.........................71

Loss on day £893


"Playing it safe' said...

Good Luck for next week mate,
been a hard week all round,

'Playing It Safe'


Anonymous said...


(From Mike)

Do you not ask yourself at times like this.."would I have lost as much money if I was in charge of the bets myself, especially as I wouldn't have had the extra subs cost for the privilege of all these losers..."

stan said...

I stopped winabob just before xmas JP, expecting it would get better when I stopped, but the slide just continues.

Anonymous said...

keep going mate you had plenty of bad runs like yhis last year. Soon turn the corner.

Anonymous said...

Hi JP,

STarted following the Form Guru at the begiining of this year with a 150 point bank. I am now down to my last 30 points so 2 or 3 days left to try and get the bank back up and i just can't see it happening!

Anonymous said...

What is Winabob's PL for this season JP? I'm on the waiting list but i've heard a few negative comments and they don't provide a breakdown of reults...

Anonymous said...


Sorry to see your not doing well but it seems as though you have a good selection of tipsters, be patient and I'm sure they will come good.

Even the best tipsters make losses for a while before they come good, so why don't you put a certain % of your bankroll on each bet and then when you get back to your starting balance then go back to betting the amounts you were doing at the start of the year.

This way you have much better chance of not doing you bankroll. By the way you said that you were dropping winabobatoo, I was thinking of joining the service and wanted to know what you results have been since you joined. Have you lost quite a bit in percentage terms and how many bets have you had so far, will the odds on his seletions go down in price or are they generally available with Betfair and bookies before kick off?

Good luck on you future bets

Many Thanks


JP said...

Cheers Dean, Have a good week yourself.



Hi Mike,

You do get the feeling of things being out of your control - especially when things are going as badly as they are right now.

However, I have to look back over the last couple of years and remember that I won over £46,000 after paying subs from October 2007 to the end of last year and trust that if I stick with it, then things will turn in my favour once again.


Hi Stan,

Had high hopes for Winabob - was looking for a nice steady performanace and make a decent return by the end of the season. Very disappointed really, especially the failure to address the fact that the final selection process clearly isn't working anymore.


Anon, regarding TFG I don't think 150 points is anywhere near enough to follow a service like that. I've set mine at 250 points, and I think 300 is more realistic.

He's lost around 120 points since I re-started 4 weeks ago as you know.

I reckon he'll be betting at least 100 points at Cheltenham so you need to decide if you're going to stick with it.

Best of luck to you anyway.


Hi anon,

Winabob has had 175 bets, 62 have won 112 have lost. All bets are 1pt singles and the loss is -22.42 pts.


Hi Luke,

Winabob results are as above, prices advised tended to go quite quickly as soon as bets were released - but seem to last longer now, I'm guessing as people have given up on the service.

Regarding the staking plan, I've put a lot of time into it and I'm sticking by it. While it's tempting to reduce stakes when things are not going well, you have to carry on so you maximise your winnings when things eventually turn - as you have to believe they will !

That's what a betting bank is for, although the way things are going mine will need a government bailout before much longer !

All the best