Tuesday, 30 March 2010

As dismal as the weather !

Tuesday 30 March

A poor day today, with 4 losers from TFG and one from SLH on his mainline - never got a run for my money with any of them, the only one that wasn't being shoved along with a lap to go had already fallen !

Busy day on SLH's exchange line with lays on Mac Aeda and Raduis Bleu both beaten (had to lay Raduis in running as I couldn't get matched pre-race), but two backs on the 4.0 Fontwell came to nothing so a small profit on the day.

No joy either on any of my own bets and trades as a further £162 was lost.

Tuesday 30 March

Portfolio Results (below)..................(356)
Personal Bets / Trades.....................(162)

Loss on day £518


mickk said...

hi jp i was wondering if you have analysed your advisers results and profit by way of races IE do some who you follow all year do better on flat than jumps.

Anonymous said...

Hi JP,

lots of services struggling at the minute , ive had rough ride with horsebettingindex!!
youve got a link on your blog page to mob racing, marc owen racing?
have you any experience with him,any reason you havent used him and his tips in your own portfolio?

Anonymous said...

Hi JP, been following your blog for a while, it's a fantastic read! Any chance of a link exchange -
We've got two blogs at the mo

I've added you to both.

Cheers Rich

JP said...

Hi mickk,

I've never looked at it in any detail, although EI only plays on the flat and SLH's bets are nearly all on the jumps.


Hi Tom,

I've never followed MOB's tips but if you read the "Playing It Safe" blog, he's following the service at the moment.



Hi Rich, I'll link your blogs up now.