Saturday, 6 March 2010

Brutal !

Saturday 6 March

I think today will go down as one of the worst days I've had since I've been doing this - not in terms of the amount lost, just from the sheer unrelenting misery of it all.

The final kick in the teeth has just happened - with PSG scoring in the 94th minute with the last kick of the game to make it 1-1 !

Not a single winner on the horses, just three very short priced winners on the football - including one from my new service, skeeve - been on the waiting list for a while but have a secured a place now.

Nothing else to say.

Saturday 6 March

Portfolio Results (below)..............(1,410)
Personal Bets / Trades.....................0

Loss on day £1,410


Anonymous said...

hey mate these things happen!! keep it going and things will get better

bmb from

"Playing it safe' said...


I have been following your blog for the past here
and confess I am now finally addicted to bloggers!
I have decided to create my own blog starting out on
low stakes and trying to keep it within reach, would you
mind adding my link to your blog which has inspired
me to get going.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to see you had a shocker today bud - it's a real kick in the nuts to see that nightmare late goal against the FE bet go in. You must have had the odd similar day last year, but it doesn't make it any easier (I've had a few myself as you know!).

I really hope things turn around quickly and you have a good few weeks ahead. I won't be around much but will try and keep in touch with your progress.

Best of luck matey

Jeff said...

Hey JP,

Great blog.

You're having a tough time at the mo, but I think today was just one of those anti-midas days - everything I touched turned to ashes!!!

So if it's any comfort, I was suffering along with you! :-)

Tomorrow's another day.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Sorry you had a bad day. That PSG goal was a real kick in the teeth and typical but entirely consistent with the last week. I am having a rough time at the moment too. I follow SLH and FE with £100 level stakes on each and things have been tough. I looked back through by Excel spreadsheets going back to last Autumn (1st September) and the SLH service has really been expensive: a lot of money staked for hardly any returns to speak of and I'm beginning to have my doubts - especially when I forked out £1000 to join the service plus, on average, £5 per week to call the line plus listen to the review message each Sunday. The telephone calls alone add around £300 per year, even if you only listen to the bare minimum in terms of information! I was quite annoyed when I found out that the mobile cost to 0871 numbers is 30 pence per minute; I think this an outrageous additional expense to have to pay on top of the annual subscription fee.

Clive said...

It is obviously disappointing to say the least to have such a bad week, but there is always someone worse off. The week before last I had a day on the piss and missed a 60/1 winner to a tenner and last week same again , went for a beer or two and missed a 30/1 and 20/1 both to a tenner. Over the last few weeks down 400 quid, but with those it would have been a cheaper beer. Keep your chin up. Dutchy

Skeeve said...

Hi JP,

Sorry to bother you after a disappointing day like this (I've had one as well - the only FE bet and both IB bets were lost, SI had one void bet and I've made a small loss as well), but I've noticed you didn't take the BSS over 2.5 bet. I've kept an eye on the market after I've sent an e-mail (as always) and 1.82 @Bet365 was still available at least 20 minutes after I've sent the picks & previews. It was the 'goal line' market though - the 'goal line' odds are usually much better than 'total goal' odds @Bet365 and they usually, but not always, refer to the same bet, over 2.5 goals. The SBO odds have dropped from 1.82 to 1.75 in only three minutes, that's true, but even if you're banned from Bet365 (I'm still not somehow), 1.75 @SBO were available until 4:29, more than twenty minutes after I've sent the picks - that was still way better than 1.65 (''...anything better than 1.65 looks great to me...''). I'm sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass, I'm just trying to help - if you still haven't, a serious investor like yourself should open an account at both SBO and 188bet. Pinnacle is still my favorite bookmaker, no doubt about it, but they're not covering the Step 2 (Blue Square South & North) leagues this season and SBO's non-league limits are actually even higher than Pinnacle's.


Anonymous said...

Bad day for me too JP, but it was a little better because i didn't recieve the Form Guru's selections for some reason

SimpleBet said...

Ouch, a difficult day JP.

Fortunately you are well aware these will happen and will be able to ride the storm until it comes good again.

Re the new football service.
As we have a kind of vested interest here, how do you pick which services you use?
Do you use proofing sites? Search round the internet or have people approach you?

On that note, don't forget our offer of a free trial if you ever fancy trying us out!

Keep at it fella and good luck for today.


Andrew said...

Well done for having the guts to put up your losses. Most people dont. I admire your optimism and hope things turn around for you.

gazza said...

could you just confrim the form guru bets from yesterday.

I am a member ans was told friday no bets on staurday?

Tiger W1 said...

These are tough times JP, I am feeling exactly the same after yesterday's debacle. I back a lot of similar tipsters to you so I have similar results.

I have had to scale down my betting after an absolutely dismal winter. I wonder if there's ever been such a bad period as the last 4 months or so for these tipsters. Really only Equine Investments have done well.

I suppose its easy to blame it all on the weather, but I think it has made tipping difficult, particularly for the NH.

I only hope things improve soon, my bank cant take much more of this!

gazza said...

bit concerned that i am a member of the form guru service and was not snet any tips yesterday(phew)couldyou confrim that these results are chris from the inside rail?

JP said...

Cheers BmB, been a tough week but I've been here before and it's just part of the game.


Hi mate, I'll link you up here now. Wish you all the best with it. Keep in touch.


Hi mate, you're well out of this at the minute ! Enjoy your break and come back fresh and ready to go again.


Thanks for that Jeff, hopefully a better week ahead for us both !


Hi anon, can't really argue with any of that. It was mentioned in another comment the other day, but I think it's time he moved towards e-mails and texts.


Hi Clive,

Missing winners like that would turn anyone to drink ! Hope you get it back soon.

Good luck to you.


Hi Skeeve, thanks for your comment. I haven't got an account with either of those two you mention so it's something I'll have to sort out.

I've got a B365 account, but it's not in my name. Trying to save it for the horses really, but I'll open the other two in time for next weekend.

All the best


Hi anon,

TFG sent an e-mail out on Friday evening / Sat morning saying he's away this week and if he can't send emails then he'll put the tips on a temporary blog - there was a link in the email.


Simplebet, I've had my eye on Skeeve for a while, been on his waiting list. I'm a member of the Secret Betting Club and using their information and analysis helps me when I'm considering a new service.

I also spend a lot of time on the net looking round, and get quite a few approaches as you can imagine.

I'll keep my eye on what you're up to !


Hi Andrew,

I've kind of got used to posting losses since November !

Just the nature of the game, there are far more losing days but plenty of great ones as well over the last couple of years.

Hopefully there'll be a few of those in the next couple of weeks.



As I just mentioned the Saturday tips were posted on the blog which he mentioned in the e-mail he sent out on Friday night / Sat morning, which you would have received if you are a member.


Tiger, this last 3-4 months has been the worst spell I can remember - I was away for the first part of this year but I've seen all the results.

Before that though I had two years of making big profits from doing this, so just have to wait for things to turn around again.

As always think long term, review your portfolio of services and ditch the ones who are not cutting it !

Best of luck to you.