Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Day Two

Another good day, with Equine Investments bets at Kempton tonight still to come.

I'll put the figures together during the evening and update later on tonight.

Going very well so far this week, but I remember very well what happened last year over the final two days so I'm certainly not getting ahead of myself.

However, after what has happened over the last month, it would be good to get a decent run going over the next few weeks.

Thanks again for all the comments today - if any need a reply I'll try and do that over the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

jarrow won!! huge gamble landed! I hope you were on....enviedenigma

Rayner said...

Hi JP firstly thank you for taking the time to post up the results of each days racing as I and obviously many others are intrigued by the ups and downs of your day to day betting in order to secure a profit, especially as now it's (I'm assuming) your main source of income. However I can't help but feel this is a risky game your playing, chiefly because any angles used to exploit value in the betting market by the tipsters who are doing well is lost by the volume of wagers pleased by their respective members.Personally I think that backing has to be determined by prices and not on the one selection to win. Once a tip is given out it makes sense that the tipster will trade out once the price has shortened thereby securing themselves a profit?
I am interested to hear your thoughts on this.
Good Luck for the future and I hope this will be the first of many successful years for you betting for a living.
Kind regards


Well done JP and what a festival we are all having!!

Had a very special day today, managed to land a
each way L15, obviously lsmaller bets than yours but enjoying the blog all the same, onwards and upwards.

"Playing It Safe'


mickk said...

Hi rayner you make an interesting comment,i wonder if you JP or any other posters have opinions concerning what effect a tipping firm can have on the market,we all no about the influence that PRICEWISE has but do you think the same applies to any others.

JP said...

Hi Joe / mickk,

Thanks very much for your comment. Securing the best available price about the selections is something I work very hard at.

I always try and get the messages on time, and then it's a race to try and get on as much as possible at the best price you can.

The prices disappear very quickly - within 2 minutes on most of EI / SLH bets. How much actually gets laid at the top prices is debatable.

Both the services named quote a minimum price to take, but I guess people just cannot resist. A few years ago, I would have been the same but I hope you learn a few things as you get older !

Sometimes the price bounces back later on, and then you can have a go at it - or you can try and trade yourself into a better position on Betfair.

Last year, I did very well with the EI prices on the flat season and achieved around 90% of the profit to advised prices, sometime you miss it and have to sit it out.

I did an exercise on the ATR tipster Hugh Taylor, who is currently showing a profit of 565 points to recommended prices, but actually shows a loss at SP !

Clearly the bookies cut the prices immediately without laying anything, but people still scramble to get on regardless of price and clearly over the long term they can't win.

It's an interesting subject and get in touch if you want to discuss it further.

All the best