Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dream turns into a nightmare !

Tuesday 2 March

Another quiet day with only three of the services in action.

Both Tipping Legends and The Form Guru put up Thedreamstillalive. Timmy Murphy took the scenic route throughout - in search of better ground no doubt - and the horse ran well enough, finishing third beaten just over three lengths.

That was the only bet for TL, while TFG's other four bets produced one place return with Hazy Oaks finishing third.

SLH advised a lay of Desperate Dex, another good spot as the favourite was beaten in to third place.

Tuesday 2 March

Results from portfolio (below)...........(225)
Personal Bets / Trades....................(10)

Loss on day £235


John said...

Dear JP, I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis. It's always a good read before bed! I just wondered if you had any financial objectives for 2010. I assume you are aiming for slightly less than last year now you have reduced your staking plan but who knows, maybe you will make more! John

Anonymous said...

Hi JP,

I wish you luck with your quest as you go full-time. Consider these two services I use for your portfolio, they are both producing good results and are very professional(both also had good mentions in SBC reviews) - Chasemaster (www.chasemaster.co.uk) and The Sportsman (www.thesportsman.org.uk).

Anonymous said...

Hi JP:
I spoke with connections from a jumps stable & apparently the cold and inclement weather has greatly affected their daily routine(ie, putting the horses out for gallops etc).
Therefore, I am keeping bets and stakes fairly low. So it is not surprising at all to see the scarcity of bets from your advisory services at present.
Things can only improve..let's hope!
Regards, Johnny W

JP said...

Hope so Johnny !

Good luck to you.

JP said...

Thanks for your comments John and anon.

No real financial target in mind, other than to pay the bills every month and stay in the game.

I've got a few services I'm having a look at just now, add these to the list.