Friday, 26 March 2010

Eddy masters his rivals

Friday 26 March

A very good day today, thanks to a winning Isiris account bet, and a good winner for TFG with Master Eddy at Newbury.

Sambulando could have made it a very good day for TFG, but had to give best to County Zen having traded 1.1 in running.

Have to mention Punter Profits which gave out Samizdat on two of their systems, which won at 11/4 - but of course I've stopped following these now ! TFG tipped up Twentynineblack in the race which finished second.

Wasn't the end of the world though as I had a dabble on the reverse forecast, which came in when Quintero fell at the last.

Friday 26 March

Portfolio Results (below)................125
Personal Bets / Trades...................768

Profit on day £893


mickk said...

Hi jp was wondering if you have any views concerning Isiras,you back thier selections so would appear to have confidence concerning their profitability,but i have read different else where.

Take this oppotunity to wish yourself and any other readers a profitable turf flat season.

mrh-beats said...

Hi JP,
Looks like we've had another shocking Saturday! (well i have anyway).

Just to let you know that I've done some basic analysis of SLH bets over the period I've been a member. I know some people were asking about 4 point bets earlier in the year and thought i'd have a look to see what was happening.

You (and anyone else) can view my initial analysis on my blog - here:

Hope all is well and cheers!

JP said...

Not sure where you're getting your information mickk but they're on a brilliant run at the minute.

It was bad before Christmas but turned things round since then.

Best of luck to you as well mate.


Hi Malcolm,

Not the best day again, but it's no surprise really with the way things are going at the minute.

Thanks for that re SLH, been with him a bit longer than you but there doesn't seem to be any profit in the 4 point bets - and there have been quite a few of them lately.

At the moment I still intend following his staking plan, but it's something for me to have a look at.

Sticky start to my year, but doing OK. Things seem to be looking up a bit and hopefully I can get a decent run going and start showing a profit from this game !

All the best