Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Football Elite to the rescue

Wednesday 24 March

No joy on the racing this afternoon, but two from two for Football Elite turned the day into a profitable one.

Tipping Legends tipped up Brooklyn Brownie as he would get his favoured fast ground at Haydock this afternoon. Things didn't go as planned though, as the going turned soft and the horse was beaten with a lap to go.

Still at least I got a run, of sorts, for my money which is more than I did with Marsh Court at Warwick. The horse was playing up at the start and it was pretty clear before the tapes went up that he wasn't going to take part. Owls FC also refused to race, but that one was correctly deemed a non-runner as his jockey was dismounted. However Marsh Court did run, despite never passing through the starting gate, and so I lost my money !

This farce took place just 15 minutes after a disgraceful episode at Haydock, where Nevertika who was the gamble of the day bolted before the start, did a complete lap of the track at full pelt - was eventually caught and led down to the start where he was allowed to race. Amazingly enough, the horse was tailed off after half a mile and was pulled up before halfway - and they're trying to encourage people to take an interest in this sport. Any first timers who backed either of those two today will probably never come back, and who could blame them ?

Wednesday 24 March

Portfolio Results (below)...............158
Personal Bets / Trades..................186

Profit on day £344


Anonymous said...

JB says,
Gotta love that when your on the wrong end of it...another personal favourite stalls not opening, and jockey unseated in stalls,

JP said...

Yeah, it's been a while since I had a hamlet cigar moment at the start, plenty at the finish though !

Know which I prefer.

Anonymous said...

You solved a little mystery for me. I had layed Nevertika at 4.2 and watched it drift into the ditance. Now, I live in Canada and have no access to up to date commentaries, tv etc. so it is nice to know what happened.

Punterprofits. Well their choices are mechanical so to speak, and if they tip a runner trained by R.C.Guest or any of his ilk then if the money comes , well that's fine, but if it drifts leave it alone.
PP need a Govt. wealth warning imo.

Anonymous said...

HI JP, Glad to see you back, I would to know what you think of the TFG service lately, the results over the last three months have been very poor to say the least and what's even worse from a supscripers point he dosen't seem to be replying to emails I've sent 4 over the month or so with no reply, just wanted to get your thoughts on the service?
I also gave up on Winabboo,punterprofits and Skeeve
odds too low, long losing runs which at short odds you would never recover, I just wonder has TFG run out of steam?
Love the blog and good luck for the year ahead

best mate said...

Hi Jp totally agree it was obviously not stable cash on it as it would have been withdrawn trainer should be banned for letting it run

JP said...

Hi Tim,

Think TFG will be OK - I wasn't around but thought January was a profitable month ? Struggled since I came back, but did well at Cheltenham last week.

Sorry to hear that customer service seems to be an issue again, they did contact me on here back end of last year and said that this was an area they were looking to improve on so not good to hear you're being ignored.

Skeeve has a good reputation and excellent results as far as I've seen, and in the short time I've been with him clearly knows the time of day - whether I'll be able to take full advantage remains to be seen.

I've stopped following the Winabob bets as you know and feel similarly inclined towards the PPNH portfolio. Having checked out results over the last three years since the systems went live, it appears two of them are especially profitable.

There is plenty of other information on their website which I could utilise profitably and I really ought to spend time doing that, rather than just blindly following the NH systems.

Best of luck to you.