Sunday, 21 March 2010

Good end to the week

Sunday 21 March

Finished off the week in good style with Fleur De Vassy winning for TFG, two out of two for Football Elite, a winner for SLH on his exchange line and another each way place in the golf for Birdie Golf.

An each way trixie with all three horses winning added nicely to the profits.

Sunday 21 March

Portfolio Results (below)..................1185
Personal Bets / Trades......................417

Profit on day £1602


Anonymous said...

hi jp,

When did you add skeeves service to portfolio?

were you on the waiting list for skeeves service? I hear many good things about service, but do not know when he take new members on?

Any help appreciated



JP said...

Hi Paul,

I added my name to his waiting list in November last year and I got the invitation to join about 3 weeks ago.

According to his website the waiting list is closed until the end of the season - I'd keep checking once the season has finished and see if he opens it up again over the summer.

Skeeve said...

I'm afraid the waiting list will be closed at least until August - there are just too many people on the list.