Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Good morning

Well hope you're all ready for the battle over the next four days.

Had breakfast and now working my way through Paul Jones' trends list and The Form Guru's bets for today. TFG obviously burning the midnight oil as his e-mail arrived at 1.49 this morning !

Tipping Legends e-mail due around 10.30 and Formbet's ratings have arrived just now - so a fair bit to get stuck into already.

I'm guessing this will be the quietest of the four days looking at the shape of the races, but I'll see what it looks like when everything has come through.

Back later in the morning...


Shaun said...


Firstly I hope you have a good day ..no doubt you are going to get races with up to 4 or 5 different picks advised. how are you going to play this ?

will you follow them all or are you planning to cut some out ?


yazmin said...


Good luck with your betting. I hope you do well. It must be hard relying on betting to pay for your bills and everything else. This is my first Cheltenham experience so I am looking forward to it. I even bought the Racing Post today something which I have never done! I've got a big shortlist with at least a few runners in each race, and I think I'm just going to start dutching them in the hope that I will find a winner in each of the races. Also, I downloaded the Punter Profits NH results from Racing Proofing recently. If backing at odds of 2/1 or better then the results are as follows: Total bets 534, Wins 187, S/R: 35.02%, Avg Odds 6.52, Avg. Win Odds 6.26, Longest Win Sequence 5, Longest Losing Seq. 13, Profit +587.55 Points, ROI +110.03%. x

iainfitzy said...

Hi Jp,

Can I just be the first to say....

Good luck today!

bog darking.......... said...

Good Luck JP for the day and the rest of the week.

Will watch your live blogging with interest


Michael said...

Best of luck JP. You are all over this first race like a fly on.... well you know the rest yourself.