Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hopes Dehdashed !

Wednesday 3 March

Busy day today, but ended up on the wrong end of things again.

Things could have been different though had Wiesenfurst won the 3.10 at Folkestone instead of losing by a short head. The horse came from some way back to hold a winning chance coming to the last. However, it belted the fence and could not get back to Wishes Or Watches.

After the race, I noticed that Wiesenfurst's jockey Eamon Dehdashti had won one race from 101 rides this season before today - given the way he presented the horse at the last fence, I'm surprised his record is as good as that !

Talking of jockeys, I don't make a habit of complaining about bad rides on here but seeing as I'm in the mood, what the hell was Adam Kirby doing on Buddy Holly in the first at Kempton ? An absolutely shocking ride, and another expensive one for me.

Only one winner on the day, with Marodima going in for Punter Profits and Formbet.

Newman Des Plages advised each way at 16/1 finished third for Tipping Legends.

No returns anywhere else though, with Equine coming up empty from four bets, four losers as well for The Form Guru.

Wiesenfurst was one of three losers for SLH on his mainline and his exchange bet was beaten as well.

Winabob are on Rushden & Diamonds tonight, and they are winning 1-0 at half time. They are down to 10 men though. Will include that in tomorrow's figures.

Wednesday 3 March

Portfolio results (see below)..................(725)
Personal Bets / Trades..........................(18)

Loss on day £743


Dave said...

Another poor day: really disappointed with the way this week is shaping up. SLH has really hammered my account these last few days. Another 4 points down today and that is 11 points lost for the week. It's times like this when I wish I didn't bet but I know it's great when you're winning. I feel like I have to keep following the tips as I'm worried I'll miss something special if I don't. This year with SLH has been really poor to be honest; it's not just the weather, he's been more kamakazi with his staking and has been quite speculative simply because he feels the price isn't right. In my book it doesn't mean a horse will win because you think it is a 5/1 chance and the bookies have it priced up at 8/1. As was the case today when Aim for the Stars was a mile behind the winner who destroyed the field.

Anonymous said...

Hi JP, I see SLH had another 4pt loss today and although he is still around 8pts up for the year, being a NH specialist this is usually his good period. Indeed he as been basically treading water since June of last year.It seems to me that you could effectively ignore his 3pt /4pt selections without it have a significant change to our profits. Also, his requirement to make a phone call sometimes means 2 or 3 calls if he does not update it on time, I would have thought a text service would make life easier for all. Wondered what your thoughts were.Regards. Woody.

Graham said...

I agree with Woody: a text service would be far more user-friendly. They could be distpatched simultaneously at 1pm every day so we wouldn't have to fiddle around ringing the line up at 12.58, 12.59, 13.00, 13.01, 13.02 etc. He is often early putting the message up but is also sometimes late. The minutes of difference make a big difference in terms of what price can be obtained and it annoys me that his system for distributing bets is so archaic. That stupid message:

'Calls to this number cost 10 pence per minute from a BT landline; other networks may vary. Please hold'

It is doing my head in. It never used to be there; they are just trying to milk more money out of the service. 0871 numbers are lucrative for them and they must realise most people call from mobiles, not BT landlines so it costs at least 25p per call (not per minute). SLH needs to bring the service up-to-date and stop making us pay extra on a phone line when it already costs over £1000 per year to be a member of the Private Service alone.

JP said...

Think it's time he moved towards sending out the tips via e-mail or text, which is the "modern" way of doing things.

When I first started doing this, all the services I followed sent their tips via phone line messages. However now it's only SLH and Isiris who use this method. In the case of Isiris, I don't think it would work any other way for them with the late callbacks etc.

If SLH doesn't want to move with the times then the very least you should expect is that the message is updated bang on the advised time - not early and certainly not late, so that you end up ringing 3-4 times before you get that days message.

Thomas said...

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I have only started with a small bank of £500 using a one percent a day strategy and only on day I have managed to get off to a flyer and get to £800.00 - £8 per bet early days but I think this is a service worth a mention on your blog.

Follow my progress as I try to turn £500 into many thousands in the years to come to help with my family life, I plan to do this by following horse racing, this is the blog tracking my progress.