Friday, 5 March 2010

Misaro misses out

Friday 5 March

This is a game of narrow margins, and a short head was the difference between winning and losing today.

Equine Investments tipped up Misaro in the first at Wolves tonight, got the best of the prices having taken 9/2 against the SP of 15/8, but they've got to win and Misaro was just touched off by Monte Major.

At least Misaro got to run, which is more than the other Equine selection did. Nacho Libre was declared to run in blinkers. However connections fitted a visor instead, which wasn't noticed until the horse was down at the start - whereupon he had to be withdrawn.

My only winner of the day was Maraafeq, a selection for two of the Punter Profits systems, returning at an SP of 6/4.

SLH's expensive week continued, with a lay of La Sarrzine - a very impressive winner of the Doncaster 4.20.

Just one for Tipping Legends, with It's Crucial finishing second to get the place money.

Nothing doing again for The Form Guru, gave out foru - the best of which was Well Disguised who finished fourth.

Formbet were also on Well Disgsuised, they've got one later tonight which I'll include with tomorrow's results - last night's late bet Barodine finished third.

Five straight losing days this week, hope for better luck over the weekend.

Friday 5 March

Portfolio Results (below)..............(207)
Personal Bets / Trades..................(15)

Loss on day £222


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