Monday, 1 March 2010

No joy

Monday 1 March

The weather finally seems to have taken a turn for the better, but there was nothing for me to get too enthused about on the horses today.

Not much action from the tipsters, SLH advised a lay of Cool Friend on his Exchange Line - and got it beaten into second, which was also the fate of his tip on the mainline, Tanners Court.

Arkashan was Tipping Legends only bet of the day, but couldn't follow up his win last time out, finishing a remote fourth.

The only other tip was a minimum stakes bet for Equine Investments - Safebreaker finishing a tailed off last.

Monday 1 March

Results from portfolio (below)............(157)
Personal bets / trading...................(188)

Loss on day £345


Dave said...

I choose to bet level stakes with SLH. Over the last year, I have made more money this way than following his staking plan: most of his 3 unit and 4 unit bets lose. I cap the bets at a nominal 2 units with 1 unit being effectively £50: either £50 each way (2 units staked) or £100 win (2 units staked). I think this method is safer as it safeguards stakes. SLH recommended this approach for the Observer survey and the Inside Edge programme with Simple Jim at Southwell.

SimpleBet said...

The weather looks set for a turn for the better, finally.

Maybe some frosts to come this week but hopefully the going will settle down ready for Chelts and the start of the flat season.

Nice to see the wild swings seem to be settling down. Keep up the good work, great read!


SimpleBet said...

Hi JP,

We have just started blogging on a daily basis, inspired by blogs such as yours.
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Good luck for today

JP said...

Interesting stuff Dave, thanks for sharing that.


Simplebet - I'll link you up now.

All the best

SimpleBet said...

Thanks JP, appreciated.

Good luck tomorrow