Monday, 22 March 2010

Pocket money

Monday 22 March

I've certainly needed deep pockets since I started up again last month, but a good start to this week at least thanks to the horse Deep Pockets - a winning four point bet for SLH at Plumpton today. There was a rule 4, but a very nice return despite that.

Tipping Legends played in the 3.40 today - this was the first line of the write up...

Must admit i was very tempted by top weight Kilmackiloge given its superb record on seasonal debut, but it hasn't run well off a break the last 2 times & at the age of 11 its a risk.

Unfortunately the tip ended up being Open De L'Isle who was being niggled at after jumping two fences - Kilmackilloge won at 16/1 !

That was it as far as tips were concerned, however Equine Investments are still sending out mentions - three today included one winner, Riflessione, which added a little to a very good day.

Monday 22 March

Portfolio Results (below)................1022
Personal Bets / Trades....................72

Profit on day £1094


edgehunters said...


Well done on your recent turnaround.

I have a question and I don’t mind if your answer is no.

I am trying to improve the excel sheet that I use for recording my sports investing activity. I have looked around and yours is the most comprehensive that I have seen. I was wondering if you would consider posting up a blank sheet on to your blog so that interested readers could download and use it.

Again I understand if you do not want to but I for one would find it very useful.

Keep up the good work

phil said...


Forgot to say in yesterdays post that there are FREE trials on both and this also includes FREE texts of every bet.

Thanks for updating my sites yesterday

All The Best PHIL

Anonymous said...

Hi JP. Are you still following the Tipping Legends golf service? Is it worth following? What kind of bank do you suggest to follow it?

JP said...

Hi Mark,

As I explained in response to another comment, the guy who built it is wondering whether there might be a market for it - it does need a bit of support and maintenance from time to time.

It might be that I can put a link to download from here, it's not mine to do that really - but I have asked the question so watch this space.

You've got a very interesting blog going there mate, and I stop by most nights to read your latest thoughts.


Hi Phil, thanks for that.


Hi anon,

Still follow the TL golf - it was renamed "Birdie Golf" last year and those are the only golf bets I am following at the moment.