Sunday, 14 March 2010

Profit and Loss w/e 14/03/2010

Another very disappointing week, with £2448 lost by my portfolio of tipping services, altough I made a profit of £367 from personal bets and trades (this figure does include an Isiris account bet winner).

Clearly, this is not the start I was looking for as I try and make a go of doing this full time, and the pressures of losing do feel a bit different now the safety net of my wage has been removed.

However, this method has served me well over the last couple of years and I have to believe that things will take a turn for the better before long. It is essential though that I find a way of making some extra cash through trading etc to take the pressure off situations like this.

It goes without saying that next week is going to be a big one for me, with a large number of ante-post bets already placed and a very busy week expected from Tipping Legends and The Form Guru in particular.

As I mentioned the other day, I will be updating the block throughout the festival starting on Tuesday morning and then before and after every race so you can see I'm getting on.

It should be a brilliant four days of racing - lets hope we all come out on the right side of things !

Week ending 14 March

Portfolio Results...............(2448)
Personal Bets / Trades............367

Loss on week £2081

Summary of Portfolio

Results in terms of points

Profit / Loss by day of week


Anonymous said...

Hi JP, sorry to see the indifferent start you're experiencing..I'm sure it will get better soon.
I also partially punt for a living and I must admit having the "safety net" of a regular wage coming in every week does ease the pain of long losing about getting a part-time job working just a couple of days a week?
Best of luck for Cheltenham JP, a few big priced winners wouldn't go amiss!
Regards, Johnny W

Jason said...

Hi JP,

Good luck for Cheltenham. Things will turn your way.


Anonymous said...


I was thinking of joining football elite and wanted to know what you results have been since you joined.

On his website it states that the odds dont change much due to the nature of his tips of backing unfashinable teams and hardly any of his selections being odds on.

Do the odds on his seletions actually go down in price or are they generally available with Betfair and bookies before kick off?

Many Thanks


JP said...

Cheers Johnny / Jason, hope you have a good week.


Hi Luke,

Full results for Football Elite are on his website, as well as a comparison between the prices at the time the bets are given out and those at kick-off.

In most cases, the price does initially shorten and then drift back nearer kick-off time. He only advises bets in the top European leagues and the markets are very strong.