Saturday, 27 March 2010

Usual Saturday story

Saturday 27 March

It's been a decent week up until now, but things just don't seem to click for me on Saturdays lately. I had some horrendous days towards the end of last year, and while the losses are less dramatic now - the story so far this year has been the same.

It's obviously the busiest day of the week, and the most competitive racing, so when the winners don't come I'm always going to struggle.

The only winners on the horses came from SLH on his exchange line, but they didn't cover the stakes on his main line losers.

TFG and Tipping Legends both had a busy day - but three places at decent prices were the only returns.

Formbet highlighted just one horse at the top of their e-mail but Tax Free finished nowhere.

Profitable day again for Skeeve on the non-league football, just a couple of goals away from being a really good day.

Late updating this tonight as I was waiting for the Real Mallorca v Barcelona - where Football Elite had put up the home side at 6/1. A win here would turn the whole day around, but despite Mallorca hitting the post in the first minute and again later in the first half, Barcelona scored midway through the second half and that was that.

Saturday 27 March

Portfolio Results (below).................(725)
Personal Bets / Trades......................0

Loss on day £725


Jonathan said...

Dear JP, I respect what you are trying to do and I wish you luck but I hope you will ultimately feel happy with your life. Be careful, things can easily go wrong in gambling. Read this article and think about it:

mickk said...

Hi jp was interested to read your comments on Saturday betting.This caused me to check my records over several years,and sat has proved profitable for myself.
But i was wondering if the cause with tipping firms is that they are spoilt for choice.Even working a day in advance i limit the number of races i analise attempting to go for quality time,have you checked your records for bank holiday bets,might be an interesting comparison?.
Concerning Isiris you are correct the figs i was reading came from last and previouse years.
A final point i am a relative newcomer to on line,so far i have been disapointed with the racing forums,can you or anyother reader please recommend any where that prouduces interesting disscusion of why horses win and lose races.cheers
ps you could consider extending your site to cover the above?

Skeeve said...

Hi JP,

I've noticed you've lost 35 pounds on the Kettering - Mansfield bet. It was a draw-no-bet and the game finished 2:2 (Kettering scored an equaliser in the 87th minute unfortunately), which means the bet should've been void. Did you take some other asian handicap by mistake or what?

Btw I've also noticed you were able to catch decent odds in most cases this time, I'm glad.

A shame about Mallorca, that would've definitely turned the day around.

JP said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for that - I'm well aware of the risks involved here.

Been gambling for more than 20 years and it's not been without it's problems along the way.

Hopefully though, I have learned a few lessons, and that will help me make a success of what I'm trying to do,


Hi mickk,

I've had some very good returns on Saturdays over the last couple of years but there have been some real horror stories as well !

Just been having a thin time of it over the last few months, and obviously with more selections as well it feels even worse.

Not really looked at bank holidays - they are not like they used to be when there were anything up to 15 meetings. Nowadays there are no more than on a normal weekend really so I don't think there's anything in that.

Regarding other forums and sites, have a look through some of the blogs I've got links to - quite a few of them do things a bit different to the way I play them, and I read most of them regularly.

Regarding forums, I used to read the Betfair forum but it's just full of idiots now, and it's a waste of time.

"The Racing Forum" is a good one in my opinion.

There are others such as Punters Lounge etc, but I've never really spent a lot of time looking at that.

While this blog is essentially a diary of my experiences following a portfolio of tipsters, I am also looking to develop other strategies that can help in the quest for making money at this game. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome on this or anything else really.

There are one or two idiots who waste their time sending in childish comments which never get published, but other than that I'm happy to discuss anything on here.


Hi Skeeve,

Made a mistake on my results sheet - actually made a few quid as I had to back each outcome as I couldn't get full bet on DNB.

Did better with the prices this week, taking a while to get to grips with it - I'm not familiar with the markets, or with the bookies, in some cases but hopefully I'll get there !

Mallorca would have been great, but fine margins with football betting as we know. Keep thinking long term :-)

Best of luck for next week.

mickk said...

Hi jp thanks for your reply,i like the idea that you have the say over what comments appear,and i will contribute when ever i feel i have something relevant worth saying.As i am doing the same as yourself,except i use my own selections it is interesting to compare and i applaud you on your honesty in showing losing bets etc.