Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Good morning.

Well I've busy this morning as the messages from Tipping Legends and The Form Guru have already come through.

As well as those, I've also got the Formbet ratings and Paul Jones' trend e-mails to work through, and Equine Investments have just put up a bet tonight at Kempton.

Going to be a very busy day, so I better go and have some breakfast !

Back later...


iainfitzy said...

Good luck again today mate.

Instead of the Form Guru winning can you ask TL horses to win instead?

Thanks :)

mickk said...

Hi jp i no you will be busy over the next few days so no sweat about waiting for any reply you might care to offer.
Over the years i have tried different racing advisory services always to be disappointed.For this reason i now back only my own judgement but what i wanted to ask was,how did you decide which services to have in your portfolio.

Anonymous said...

240 little josh ew 66-1, 130 poker de sivola ew 18-1, 205 ghizao ew 25-1,320 kalahari king 9-2 NAP


Anonymous said...

All the money flying around this week and Ladbrokes offered me a whole £10 on Equines horse tonight. What chance have we got?

mickk said...

Hi anonymous at 12.07 i agree mate there should be more name and shame concerning refusal to take bets.

Anonymous said...

I got on ok!!
what price did you guys get??

JP said...

Hi mickk,

When I started this in October 2007, I selected mainly the high profile services which were around at the time - Isiris was the only one I had tried before, but it had proved impossible to follow when working full time due to the callbacks etc.

Things have evolved over the last couple of years and I've made quite a few changes.

If I'm looking at a new service, then the Secret Betting Club tends to be my first port of call as they monitor and analyse many of the tipsters out there.

I also do as much research as I can on the net, but ultimately you can't know what you're going to get until you join.

It's probably the best approach to sign up for a short sub, or a trial if available to find out what you're getting involved with and whether the service will suit you in terms of number of bets, ease of getting on, and just the general "feel" of it.

I've tended to jump in with both feet over the last couple of years, but I think caution ought to be the watchword really :-)


Hi anon,

I'm replying to your comment regarding getting the bookies on the Sunday following Cheltenham.

After the week they've had - they're not going to give anyone the chance of getting it back and the restrictions and closures will be worse than ever.

If you show any signs that you know what you are doing, take best prices, seek out the best terms, or anything which shows you're not a complete mug, then you've had it.