Friday, 30 April 2010

Over and out !

Well it was just ten days ago that I wrote a long post about "The Way Forward" for the rest of this year. Perhaps I was trying to talk myself into feeling better about things, but whatever it was, it didn't help and I've now reached a crossroads and I need to decide what I'm going to do.

It is clear to me now that the path I'm following at the moment is the wrong one - regardless of what happened in the last couple of years, I've got no confidence at all that this is going to turn round anytime soon, and it's just pointless thinking otherwise.

I've got no money coming in, the amount of cash I've got through over the last six months would give most people sleepless nights, and with every passing week the situation is getting worse.

I need to take some time out to have a think about things and try and work out the best way forward from here. I honestly don't know the answer to that at the moment !

Just about the only thing I have decided is that this is going to be my last blog post.

I've been writing here for two and a half years - over 800 posts, numerous comments in response, and over 350,000 visitors - I've been amazed by how many people look in every night to read my ramblings, and I'm very grateful for all the feedback I have received.

When I started out I never imagined I'd still be writing it after all this time, and it has been an integral part of what I've been doing over the last couple of years.

Thanks again for all the feedback - whether it's been ideas, encouragement, criticism, congratulations, abuse, or whatever else, it's been great to hear from you all.

To all those who are trying to make this game pay, I wish you all the luck in the world. I managed it for two years, and I hope I can find a way back to profitability before my bankroll runs out !

Be lucky !!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Quiet again

Thursday 29 April

Pretty uninspriring stuff again, producing just three losing bets from the portfolio - two from Fryboy and one from Nagman.

Not much else to add at the moment, with a bit of luck there'll be more to enthuse about tomorrow !

Thursday 29 April

Portfolio Results (below)...........(140)
Personal Bets / Trades..............(113)

Loss on day £253

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

No joy

Wednesday 28 April

Not much action on Wednesday from the tipsters with three losers - one from SLH and two from Fryboy.

A few other losing Betfair trades, forecasts etc from me - day to forget really.

Wednesday 28 April

Portfolio Results (below)..............(210)
Personal Bets / Trades.................(188)

Loss on day £398

Steady day Tuesday

Tuesday 27 April

Small profit from the portfolio on Tuesday thanks to Bollywood on SLH's exchange line (he also gave the second) and Woking won for Skeeve in the Blue Square South play-offs last night.

SLH's mainline bet Overrule lost, while two of Fryboy's selections - Ice Diva and Desert Strike - finished second, so just one place return on the day.

BLSC had a couple of winning bets on the Lyon - Bayern Munich game, but the Yankee advised on 4 short priced favourites came unstuck, I didn't put the Yankee on as I thought it was a poor bet - needed three winners to get the stake back, so I covered them in trebles and an accumulator instead.

Two losers from Nagman and a loser from Simplebet completed the action.

Tuesday 27 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............19
Personal Bets / Trades.................162

Profit on day £181

Monday, 26 April 2010


Monday 26 April

Got the week off to a good start, which hasn't happened much lately.

Star of the show was Fryboy who tipped three horses at Windsor tonight and found three winners - Getcarter 7/1, Sunny Game 13/2 and Contredanse at 3/1 (managed 11/4), great stuff.

A good day at last for SLH with Postmaster winning at Ffos Las tonight. Message went on line earlier than the advised time and the price had already gone by the time I looked, so had to back it on Betfair. Traded around a bit and managed to end up with 5.6/1 on Betfair, although it drifted pre-race and the SP was 6/1. A welcome winner though following a loser earlier in the day - Foreign King.

Three other bets today from BLSC, Nagman and Packed Pockets were all losers.

Monday 26 April

Portfolio Results (below).................688
Personal Bets / Trades....................(34)

Profit on day £654

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Profit and Loss w/e 25/04/2010

Running out of different ways to say the same thing at the minute.

Another losing week with £694 lost since last Sunday. All very depressing really, and something has to change soon as I can't continue to lose money like this week after week with nothing coming in. The overall loss now stands at just over £7000 since I resumed in mid-February, and the portfolio summary looks absolutely shocking at the minute with red numbers everywhere.

Dropped Tipping Legends and The Form Guru from my portfolio at the end of last week, and sods law being what it is, JC has suddenly hit a rich vein of form winning over 50 points this weekend. However, you have to make these calls as you see them, and it was the right thing to do as far as I'm concerned.

That pretty much sums things up, can't get anything to go my way at the moment - the SLH e/w double on Friday was another kick in the teeth - and I've got to admit to being pretty sick of the whole thing just now.

However, have to try and keep some sort of positive attitude towards going and just hope that things take a turn for the better. One bright spot on the horizon is that Equine Investments start their flat season next Saturday, hopefully they will provide the spark that finally gets things going for me.

Week ending 25 April

Portfolio Results............(944)
Personal Bets / Trades........250

Loss on week £694

Summary of Portfolio

Results in terms of points

Profit / Loss by day of week

Slow Sunday

Sunday 25 April

Not much happening today, but with no returns on this weeks golf bets then it's a losing day. Partly mitigated by place laying KJ Choi a couple of holes into his second round on Friday at just under 4/5.

Fryboy was the only one of my racing tipsters in action today, and a place for Bo McGinty and two losers meant it was a losing day for him.

Two football bets for BLSC - a winner and a loser so no movement on the account, and the aforementioned golf losses completed the days action.

Sunday 25 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............(274)
Personal Bets / Trades...................190

Loss on day £84

Friday / Saturday

Out on Friday night and a busy day yesterday so a couple of days results to catch up on again.

Will update Sunday's results and the weekly profit and loss figures tonight.

Friday 23 April

SLH's each way double on Friday pretty much summed up how things have been going this year for him, and for me. The first leg Eighteen Carat blundered his way round the hurdles track at Bangor making at least three serious mistakes. Despite that he was clear for most of the race, before being run out of it in the last 50 yards to go down by a neck. The second leg Midnight Spirit won and I made a profit of £80 on the bet, instead of the £1600 that the win double would have paid - sickening.

At least it was welcome to see him find one of these bets, rather than the short priced selections seen recently - I hope there'll be plenty more of them over the next few months.

Apart from that, Friday was pretty quiet - Fryboy had one winner from four with Flighty Frances at Wolves, BLSC had three losing horses but a winner on the Rugby League which I couldn't get on, and Nagman's only bet of the day was unplaced.

Friday 23 April

Portfolio Results (below)..............0
Personal Bets / Trades...............(16)

Loss on day £16

Saturday 24 April

My Birthday on Saturday, and at last a good winning day, although it was my other bets rather than the portfolio which contributed the bulk of the profit. No matter, made a change to get anything out of the day.

The main non-league season came to an end yesterday - the post season play-offs start in midweek - and Skeeve found two winners from two bets with Gateshead and Worcester both winning.

SLH's mainline bet Chernik ran well, was clear for much of the race, and traded odds-on during the race before being joined jumping the last and fading into third place.

Fryboy found the winner of the last race of the day - Nayassence winning the 9.20 at Wolves, but a 35p rule 4 deduction meant a small loss overall on the 4 bets he advised.

Nagman had just one selection again - Johnmanderville finishing unplaced, which was also a loser for SimpleBet who had two more losers for an eight point loss on the day.

BLSC gave Mabait at Sandown and a winning double on the football among four bets yesterday.

Saturday 24 April

Portfolio Results (below).................62
Personal Bets / Trades...................418

Profit on day £480

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Results Catch Up

I've now replied to all the comments which were left in response to my post on Monday night - once again many thanks for the feedback.

Need to catch up with results over the last couple of days, and it's the same story again with two more losing days - nine in a row now.

Nothing too drastic in terms of numbers but these steady losses quickly add up, and again I'm over £1000 down on the week - just cannot get anything going at all.

Wednesday 21 April

Wednesday was a pretty quiet day with just a handful of bets - oddly enough most of them in the same race, the 4.05 at Epsom where Fryboy, Simplebet and Nagman all advised losers.

SLH gave out a split stake bet on two horses in the Southwell 7.0, and Williams Wishes won the race - although Arctic Ben would have been preferable.

Three bets from BLSC - I didn't fancy Denman and so left the bet alone, had already got enough on Arctic Ben so passed on that one as well, and forgot about the only winning bet which was a double on Bayern Munich to get most corners and Aston Villa win or draw against Hull. Also included in the spreadsheet is a loser from Tuesday which was advised with Stan James, but I can't get a bet on with them.

Wednesday 21 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............(29)
Personal Bets / Trades..................(43)

Loss on day £72

Thursday 22 April

Another blank day and Nagman's tip Master Nimbus typified the recent run, challenging for victory jumping the last and crumpling on landing ! Otherwise two losers from Packed Pockets and a loser from Fryboy.

SLH put up a bet on his exchange line which baffled me. A one point back of Go Silver Bullet at minimum of 5.6 was fine, but why he felt the need to advise 1.5 points on De Boitron to cover the stake is quite beyond me. I left De Boitron alone and just backed Go Silver Bullet, and as it turned out Nelson du Ronceray came through and beat both of them !

Thursday 22 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............(231)
Personal Bets / Trades...................(67)

Loss on day £298

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More of the same

Thanks for the many comments left in response to my post last night - they are much appreciated and I'll get around to replying to them tomorrow.

In the meantime, just time to bring the results up to date and it continues to be hard going with two more losing days and £700 more to add to the losses.

Only winners on Monday were a short priced Isiris insider bet and a treble from BLSC, and there was nothing at all for me on Tuesday.

Things can only get better !

Monday 19 April

Portfolio Results (below).............(184)
Personal Bets / Trades..................57

Loss on day £127

Tuesday 20 April

Portfolio Results (below).............(288)
Personal Bets / Trades................(289)

Loss on day £577

Monday, 19 April 2010

The Way Forward

Right, as promised, a few thoughts on where I am at the moment, and then some necessary changes to the portfolio and the staking.

It's just over nine weeks since I started up again this year with the intention of trying to make a living out of this game. I was under no illusions as to the task ahead, particularly given the way that last year ended, but I was confident that I had a good portfolio of services, was adequately bankrolled, and experienced enough to cope with the stresses and strains of doing this on a daily basis.

I still feel that way, but the seemingly relentless losses I've incurred over the last couple of months have taken their toll - probably more than I've realised.

In terms of the amount lost - then that's nothing unusual compared to the last couple of years, I've lost more than £6000 in four days before now, but when you watch every race and see things played out in front of you each day it somehow feels different.

It doesn't help that it has immediately followed the shocking run at the end of last year, and I'm sure the psychological wish to make a good start is another factor.

The results over the last six months have been very bad really - I've said before I was clearly pushing my luck by the time last November came round, but with only one losing month in the previous twelve I was trying to cash in even more, especially as November/December 2008 were my most successful months the year before.

When I consider the £18,000 loss I had in November / December, the amount I spent on my holiday, the losses since I came back, and the bills I've had to pay each month it is quite sobering to think about the amount of money I've got through in the last six months !

Have to admit that the last few weeks have been pretty stressful - I think it's one thing to try and make money out of this on your own account, it's quite different to entrust everything to the thoughts and advice of other people - as good as a lot of that advice has been over the last couple of years.

However, it has become clear that I need to take much more control over things - been on about it for long enough but my own pre race, or in-running trades will form a much bigger part of what I do from here.

Doesn't mean I'm abandoning what I've done before, but I need to take some remedial action and try and get things back on track.

The portfolio summary for this year to date is a sorry sight - with red figures everywhere, and while I've already dropped the Punter Profits NH systems and Winabobatoo recommended bets from my portfolio, I need to cull a few more.

With immediate effect, I am dropping both Tipping Legends and The Form Guru - these two services combined have lost me over 200 points in the last nine weeks, and that is just not sustainable.

I have Tipping Legends 78 points down (75 to advised prices) so far this year - and that doesn't include the 88 points they lost in the first part of 2010 when I was away. In fairness I should point out that they won 200 points between September and December 2009 , but these ridiculous swings are impossible to sustain for someone in my position, particularly for a service that pitches its prices at the top end of the market.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I stopped following them at the end of August following a prolonged period of disappointing results. In September, there was a re-organisation at Tipping Legends, an adjustment to the staking plan and an immediate upturn in results which was maintained for the remainder of last year.

However, this year has been terrible - which prompted another round of contemplation from JC with the aim of re-focussing for the flat season. So far he's a couple of points in front for this month - that's despite two 28/1 winners at Aintree, but I've decided that I'm going to sit and observe from the sidelines again.

As far as The Form Guru is concerned, they are 96 points down to advised stakes and prices (!) since I re-started - I don't have figures for the beginning of the year as they aren't published anywhere, but they made a fair start from what I heard.

I'm over 120 points down this year, partly due to the recent change to stake everything 2 points win or 1 point each way, but also due to the constant problem with this service - that you can't achieve the advised prices. Quoting prices which are only available with firms such as Sporting Bet, Betfred, Skybet etc (who are bookmakers in name only) is just misleading. There have also been numerous instances of the prices not being there at all when the e-mail is received.

At £35 a month, it's not an expensive service compared to many - and I do believe that Chris knows the time of day, he's found some great winners over the last year.
However since I came back I've lost everything I won last year and after 1400 bets over the last twelve months for what is now no financial reward, I think it's time to give up the chase.

I signed up with Formbet a couple of months ago, and while their ratings sheets and the website is very good, the bets which have been recommended on the daily e-mails have proved expensive to follow - with a sizeable loss shown. I'm no longer following the bets, and I need to work out whether I can make any use of the site and the ratings in future - not made my mind up yet.

The form of SLH over the last few months has been a big concern, with no profits made since last June, following a golden period of 400+ points in less than 18 months prior to that.

I've always tried to take the long term view ever since I started doing this - as difficult as that can be at times, but it really is time that SLH kicked on again, as the current run isn't acceptable for a premium service such as this one.

I've also decided to level stake SLH's bets - either win or each way. The 3-4 point bets don't sit comfortably with me, and while level staking wouldn't have made a huge difference in the returns over the last couple of years, I prefer it to SLH's current staking plan.

Paul Jones service is just about over for this season, and while he didn't hit the heights of previous years at the festival, I'll definitely be re-subscribing when the renewal comes around in October. The new midweek service didn't really fire either, although plenty of those selected ran well and I still don't believe that photo of Imperial Commander losing to Kauto Star at Haydock !

Very much looking forward to Equine Investments getting started again on May 1st - had an amazing first year with them, and I'm hoping Laurence will pick up where he left off last season !

Nearly the end of the football season now, and Football Elite has been a star performer, with Matt producing some great results - particularly before Christmas. A return of over 20% on football betting is outstanding.

I've made a losing start with Skeeve, but he clearly knows the score as far as the non league scene is concerned - the biggest issue for me is getting the prices, but as long as the edge is big enough - which I think it is, then I should do OK here.

I'll keep going with Birdie Golf, although it seems a long time since that great night with Ryan Moore last summer. However I've just added the Betting Zone golf tips and will stake all these at the same level.

Of the services I've recently started trialling , some of these look very promising and I'll make a final decision on which ones I will continue with over the next few weeks.

That's how I see things at the moment - it's been a tough few weeks for me, and for anyone who is following a similar path.

I do still believe I can crack it this year, my only target when I came back was to remain in the game - and that remains the target.

Profit and Loss w/e 18/04/2010

Another losing week with over £1700 lost during the last seven days. As I said in the last post, I can't allow this situation to continue unchecked and there will be changes made starting immediately.

Here's the weekly round up -

Week ending 18 April

Portfolio Results............(1726)
Personal Bets / Trades.........(14)

Loss on week £1740

Summary of Portfolio

Results in terms of points

Profit / Loss by day of week

Another Weekend Washout

Another very bad weekend and I simply cannot let this situation continue without taking action to try and halt the slide. I'll put up the details of what I intend to do here later today, as well as a response to Changing Days' comment the other day regarding how I feel about things at the moment. First though, here's the latest tale of woe.

Saturday 17 April

Bad day with a loss of over £1300 across the portfolio and my personal trades. Nine losers from The Form Guru, all unplaced, was the main reason - including four in the Scottish Grand National.

SLH's poor run on the main account continued with Glingerbank finishing third at Ayr, although both of the lays on the exchange line were successful - still another losing day for SLH.

Paul Jones picked out two in the Scottish National, but That's Rhythm was an early faller and Mobaasher never figured.

Tipping Legends had Gone To Lunch in the Scottish National - ran a great race but found one too good in the shape of Merigo. Also selected Mobaasher in the race and had two other losers on the day.

Dingle View won for Fryboy, which covered the stakes on the other three bets and so a small profit on the day for him, while SimpeBet and Packed Pockets both had one loser each.

Nagman had a winner with Captive Audience which won at 3/1, and their Scottish National pick Dom D'orgeval finished fifth - caught right on the line to lose fourth place by a nose. Some bookies paid out five places, including B365 which Nagman advised, but not the one I used !

Skeeve had three out of seven correct on his non-league picks, but a loss of over £200 for me, while the BLSC and FLC bets more or less broke even.

Saturday 17 April

Portfolio Results (below)..............(980)
Personal Bets / Trades.................(351)

Loss on day £1331

Sunday 18 April

Level day on Sunday, and got a break with a late goal finally going my way when Sampdoria scored an injury time winner to beat AC Milan. That was for Football Elite, but Matt's other bet was a loser as Parma lost at home to Genoa.

Very quiet day on the horses - SLH's account bet Midas Way just managed to sneak into third place near the line - it wasn't pretty, the horse looks a complete dog !

Three losing bets from BLSC, although had Arsenal not capitulated against Wigan, it would have been a profitable day.

Golf wise, Betting Zone tipped up YE Yang who won the China Open at 14/1 (was late getting these on and had to take 14 on Betfair). They also tipped Heath Slocum at 70/1 for the Verizon Heritage. He was in the lead halfway through his final round, until the wheels came off big style and he missed the places by one shot - so frustrating ! Nothing from any of the Birdie Golf tips at the weekend.

Sunday 18 April

Portfolio Results (below)..............140
Personal Bets / Trades................(165)

Loss on day £25

Friday, 16 April 2010

Giving it away

Friday 16 April

A profitable day for the portfolio, but a losing Insider Bet for Isiris and a couple of bad trades on Betfair by me ensured that I'm booking another loss today.

A better day for The Form Guru today with Al Co winning and big priced places for Minella All Star and Avonteur. I didn't notice that I wasn't fully matched on the place bet on Avonteur, which cost me around £20, as well as having to take under the odds anyway for the place.

SLH advised a lay of Kennel Hill for the second time in a couple of weeks, but this time he managed to get the horse beat - unfortunately he was pulled up injured with what is reported may be a career ending injury.

I had a look at the staking on SimpleBet last night, and realised I'd been overdoing thinks somewhat - their maximum bet is 10 points so £20 a point was too much for a service I'm trialling. Decided to cut the stakes in half from know what's coming already don't you ?! Two bets, two winners and a profit of £175 on the day, half of what it would have been yesterday - I'm just not doing anything right at the minute. It was right to make the change but my timing is terrible.

Couple of winners also from BLSC with Methaaly finishing third at 11/1 and a successful bet on the corners market in the Serie A game tonight.

Three bets from Tipping Legends today, but Chaninbar couldn't repeat his Aintree victory from last week and so 7 points lost today.

Fryboy had three losers, and Nagman also came up empty when Harmony Brig lost at Ayr.

Packed Pockets gave out Sohraab, which was well backed - especially when Hugh Taylor gave it out on the ATR website as well, but finished unplaced. Not sure why the pivot table shows Snowy Morning in the results today - think I messed something up on the sheet last weekend and that's will have resolved itself now.

Busy Saturday, no doubt loads of bets - hopefully I'll be on the right end of things.

Friday 16 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............156
Personal Bets / Trades.................(348)

Loss on day £192

Thursday, 15 April 2010

£240 down the BOG !

Thursday 15 April

This is hard going at the minute - and I don't need to be getting 4 points under the odds when I do back a winner.

TFG had no fewer than 9 horses today - and things were looking pretty bleak when the first seven lost. So it was relieft when Wignore Hall won the Newmarket 5.20 as easy as you like. Couldn't get on at the advised 6/1 so had to do it on Betfair, nice enough winner but the SP was 10/1 ! Managed less than 6s after commission. All I needed !

Sedgwick was a winner for BLSC, and Bel Cantor ran into a place for Tipping Legends, everything else lost.

Thursday 15 April

Portfolio Results (below)............(326)
Personal Bets / Trades.................75

Loss on day £251

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Struggling On

Wednesday 14 April

Was out and about for most of the day today which meant I was late picking up all of the messages, and had to use Betfair to get the bets on as best I could.

I missed a few, prices had shortened and failing to get matched etc, but it worked in my favour today and saved me around £140.

Despite that it was a losing day, although there were a few winners along the way.

Nagman had a good day with two winners out of three - Rumoush and Colonel Sherman, while Blue Spinnaker traded odds on before finishing second.

SLH put up a two pointer on Burren Legend at 4/1, and given his current run, it was no surprise to check the results when I got home and find this one had finished second after trading 1.10 during the race - the winner Ouzbeck was matched at 200 !

One winner from TFG with Lenny Bee at Beverley, but that wasn't enough to cover the other losing bets.

Similarly Fryboy had one winner and two losers for a small loss on the day.

High Class Equine got their season underway with Daas Rite at Beverley, but it finished unplaced despite trading as low as even money in running.

BLSC had a winner with Wigan v Portsmouth under 2.5 goals, but three other losing bets - although I was only on one of them.

Nothing doing for Tipping Legends, SimpleBet or Packed Pockets today.

Wednesday 14 April

Portfolio Results (below).............(332)
Personal Bets / Trades.................156

Loss on day £176

Tuesday 13th

Tuesday 13 April

A much better day on Tuesday with a winning account bet for Isiris the highlight. Other than that, a rare bit of good fortune when Monsieur Joe got up right on the line to win the Yarmouth 4.0 by a nose - I felt sure that Maldon Prom had just held on, as did those on Betfair who backed the second at 1.04 in the photo finish market !

Cornus was a winner for Fryboy, and thanks to BOG I got paid out at 6/1 rather than 9/2, which always comes in handy. His other two selections on the day lost.

Two from Tipping Legends - Tartan Gunna finished in the frame, while Mey Blossom was unplaced.

Nothing doing for Nagman or from Packed Pockets, whose selection Cappagh was very heavily backed in the morning to the extent that I missed the advised price, but I backed it just before the off when it drifted back out in the pre race market. I knew my fate early though, as the horse never travelled a yard.

Football Elite had a rare midweek bet with Sporting Gijon put up against Tenerife, but it the was the away side who won 2-0 to record their first win of the season on their travels and double their number of away points won in the process.

Tuesday 13 April

Portfolio Results (below)..............(191)
Personal Bets / Trades..................784

Profit on day £593

Monday 12th

Monday 12 April

The start of a new week, but no change in fortune with no winners on the day. It was pretty quiet actually, with not much to get excited about. I'll just post the results and leave it at that.

Monday 12 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............(193)
Personal Bets / Trades..................(175)

Loss on day £368

Sunday 11th

Sunday 11th April

A winning day for the portfolio thanks entirely to the efforts of Matt of Football Elite, who had three selections and three winners - Espanyol, Real Mallorca and Sampdoria all doing the business.

There wasn't much action on the horses with SLH selecting two against the field in the Market Rasen 2.30 - nothing doing as Hazy Oaks and Solway Blue both getting beat, the latter traded at 1.04.

Packed Pockets had one bet with Mawsem finished second at Southwell, another one to trade odds on in running.

Three bets from BLSC, two on the football and one on the horses but nothing doing with any of them - first time in a few days I managed to get these bets on.

No joy for Birdie Golf with their US Masters bets, although Ian Poulter was joint leader at halfway but couldn't sustain his challenge.

Formbet put up some bets on the Masters as well earlier in the week and I decided to back these as well - Anthony Kim advised each way at 40/1 was placed, while Nick Watney given out at 2 points each way at 66/1 had a great final round to finish 7th and just miss the places.

I've added the Sporting Life Betting Zone golf tips to my portfolio - doing these at £10 per point, but nothing doing from the picks on the Masters.

Picked out a couple of bets of my own on the Sunday night two balls, and I came unstuck big style. My two picks were KJ Choi at 9/4 against Tiger Woods, and I also laid Fred Couples against Hunter Mahan.

Choi was playing great, and putting beautifully and at one stage was five shots in front of Woods. I could of course have got out at a shot price, but I didn't feel I needed to with the way they were playing. Choi wobbled, but even then Woods three putted from about five feet on the 14th and it still looked good. However he eagled 15 to close the gap to one, and when he birdied the 18th, he tied Choi's score and my bet was lost.

Couples led Mahan by three after ten holes but then dropped shots at 11 and 12 and they were level. Mahan took the lead after 16 holes, but then disaster on 17 as Couples birdie, Mahan bogied and Couples was back in front. Pars for both at the last sealed my fate.

Sunday 11 April

Portfolio Results (below)...................279
Personal Bets / Trades.....................(625)

Loss on day £346

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Grand National Day

Saturday 10 April

Was back to losing again on National Day. It didn't help that Don't Push It wasn't among the list of horses I bet in the big race, although it was great to be there on the day McCoy finally ended his long wait for a National winner.

Black Apalachi and State Of Play who finished second and third would have been cracking results for me - as it was I got the place money on State Of Play who was one of two from Paul Jones ante-post.

As far as following the tipsters on Saturday, I didn't manage to get any of TFG's selections on apart from the National tips which were given out the night before or ante-post. Despite missing a winner with Tataniano and a place with Duke Of Lukka, I didn't miss out on anything overall with the Saturday bets. The ante-post bet on Big Fella Thanks at 25/1 was duly landed, but without any of my cash on it, as it was given out while I was on holiday in the early part of this year.

I did back Tataniano, as it was put up as a four pointer by Tipping Legends, and JC also had Rare Bob placed on the card.

Didn't pick up SLH's message which cost me a winner when I missed the one point win on Khyber Kim at 3/1, as well as a loser at Cheptstow - Arumun. Couple of points went begging there, but made up for that by not backing Imperial Commander on Thursday.

Losers all the way otherwise with Fryboy, Nagman, SimpleBet and Packed Pockets all coming up empty, while Formbets list made an 11 point profit thanks to Tataniano and Dee Ee Williams. Again I never bet these on Saturday.

Skeeve had a bit of a nightmare - Rushden missed a penalty which would have landed a 5 point bet on over 2.5 goals, and Braintree squandered a 2-0 lead which scuppered a 4 point double, so 17 point lost on the day unfortunately.

Saturday 10 April

Portfolio Results (below)................(698)
Personal Bets / Trades....................(25)

Loss on day £723

Friday 9th

Friday 9 April

A much better day on Friday thanks entirely to Always Waining who won the Topham Trophy at an SP of 22/1.

The horse was put up by Tipping Legends and The Form Guru at 28/1. Packed Pockets gave it out early in the morning when it was available at 40/1, but that was long gone by the time I got the message. I averaged just under 25/1 after commission on Betfair, which was good enough as I had £62.50 each way on it.

As well as Always Waining, Tipping Legends gave Scotsirish in the race - who finished second at 20/1 (advised) - the exacta paid over 500/1 ! Didn't do it unfortunately. A pretty good day all round for JC, in the 4.55 he gave Bob'n'You and Carsonstwon Boy who finished second and third both at 16/1(adv).

Packed Pockets clearly had a great day, and it got even better later when Goliath's Boy won at Musselburgh. Unfortunately this was one that got away, it was less than 3/1 on Betfair having been advised at 4/1 earlier.

Another loser for SLH on his mainline with a three point bet on Escort'men going astray, two losers for Simplebet - although I never picked up the bet on Shawkantango as the battery on my phone had gone by then !

Nagman had Carsonstown Boy each way second at 18/1, I managed 4/1 for the place on Betfair, their other two selections lost.

As on Thursday Formbet sent out a list of bets with his e-mail, overall a one point loss on these, but I didn't back any of them - and I forgot about the BLSC bet on the football, which lost as well.

Friday 9 April

Portfolio Results (below)....................976
Personal Bets / Trades.......................(63)

Profit on day £913

Thursday 8th

Thursday 8 April

First day at Aintree, and the meeting didn't get off to a great start with winners in short supply.

By far the best result of the day was Chaninbar, advised as a half point each way bet at 28/1 by Tipping Legends. Being at the track meant putting all the bets on via Betfair - managed just over 25/1 for the win, but less than 5/1 for the place. This meant I finished the day level on the TL bets, rather than a couple of points in front.

The Form Guru had a bad day with 19 points lost, although Sanctuaire traded 1.01 in running before emptying out to nothing and finishing third, Nacarat traded at 1/5 and Majaales ran a very good race at a big price. My new staking plan for TFG meant I actually lost 24 points on his bets.

SLH put up a four point bet on Imperial Commander, who was struggling when unseating Paddy Brennan down the back. I didn't actually place this bet - had already had it advised elsewhere, and not being a fan of backing short priced horses, couldn't see the point in backing it again.

SLH is on a poor run at the minute, and I don't like all these 4 point bets. I still haven't got around to reviewing my staking on these, but will get it done as soon as I can. However mrh-beats on his My Betting Life blog has done some research of his own on this - see the link on the right.

The SLH exchnage line was better - Me Voici advised as a place lay, duly finished out of the frame.

Another winner for Fryboy on Thursday with Thaliwarru winning at 11/2 (adv), no joy for Nagman or Simplebet, while Packed Pockets were also on a loser with Pigeon Island but I never got the bet so dodged one there.

Formbet sent out a list of highlighted horses at the top of his e-mail as he did at Cheltenham, but with so much action already I decided to pass - nothing doing really with a loss of just under a point.

Thursday 8 April

Portfolio Results (below)....................(793)
Personal Bets / Trades........................157

Loss on day £636

Wednesday 7th

Been typing up results for most of today, and I've just about got there I think.

Wednesday 7 April

A losing day overall, but Fryboy had a couple of winners with Decency and Shelfah, Nagman had Wi Dud at 9/2 among his three selections, finished unplaced) and BLSC found Chjimes which also won at 9/2.

Expensive day for TFG with 7 losers, while Tipping Legends, Simplebet, and Packed Pockets also had losing days.

Wednesday 7 April

Portfolio Results (below)..................(292)
Personal Bets / Trades.......................40

Loss on day £252

Monday, 12 April 2010

Next update Tuesday

Had a cracking few days in Aintree, back home late Saturday and had a few things to do since I got back. Still pulling all the results together from the last week or so, but should have everything up to date tomorrow.

Haven't made any sort of breakthrough in the last week - indeed Always Waining got me out of a bit of a hole. Didn't have Don't Push It on my National shopping list. Not sure what the overall picture looks like, but still looking for a change in fortune.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Blood

Here's a note regarding the new services I'm trialling with a view to freshening up the portfolio over the next few weeks.

I'll add links to each of these in the "Services I Use" list to the right.

Packed Pockets
Betting Laying Sports Club / Football Laying Club

I'll be betting all of these to £20 per point and will record the results on the blog each night.

It's unlikely I'd be able to go with them all long term - but with a bit of luck I'll find a couple of worthwhile additions which will serve me well for the rest of this year.


Now for the results for the last couple of days, and it was a flying start for Nagman who found the winner of the Irish National with Bluesea Cracker advised at 33/1.

I've since found out that Packed Pockets gave it out as well, but I only started following their tips today !

Formbet also sent out a preview of the Irish National in an e-mail last week highlighting the trends for the race - where Bluesea Cracker came out top, but I never got round to reading it until last night, and it wasn't sent out as a staked bet so never saw it.

Tipping Legends, The Form Guru and Paul Jones all concentrated their efforts on the Irish National as well, but none of them hit the frame.

A win treble for BLSC on the football on Monday covered most of the stakes on three other losing bets. I didn't follow the advised lay of Coventry at 6.0 - 6.6 which won.

Finally for Monday, Fryboy had a couple at Redcar. Born To Perform only finished second after arriving there on the bit 2f out (traded 1.1), and Young Gladiator finished fourth.

Today, Staff Sergeant was a winner for Packed Pockets - advised at a morning price of 4/1, eventually drifted to an SP of 7/1, but unfortunately for me only £10 of my bet was done with BOG.

King Fontaine was the only other winner of the day, for BLSC, who also had Megalo Maniac in the first at Southwell (also tipped by Fryboy). The horse finished second at 6/1. I wasn't around to watch the race and it was only when checking later that I found out it had traded at 1.01 on Betfair - my second 1.01 loser in a week !

Apart from the two winners there wasn't too much else to enthuse over but it's been a promising start for the newcomers who have provided all the winners so far this week.

As I mentoned the other night I'm off to Aintree for the three days of the Grand National meeting. The next blog update will be on Sunday evening - there'll be plenty to catch up on, hopefull there'll be some good news to report !

Best of luck for the rest of the week.

Monday 5 April

Portfolio Results (below)..................175
Personal Bets / Trades......................90

Profit on day £265

Tuesday 6 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............(222)
Personal Bets / Trades.....................0

Loss on day £222

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Profit and Loss w/e 04/04/10

A disappointing week with another loss, and the struggle to get any sort of momentum going continues.

As I've always done ever since I started using this approach back in September 2007, I am constantly reviewing and evaluating results and performance. I mentioned on the other post that I'm looking at making some changes - the first one today was to tweak the staking on the The Form Guru tips so that all bets are staked either 2pts win or 1pt e/w. I've got nearly a year's worth of results which suggest this is the optimal staking plan so I've made the switch immediately.

It's been a poor run of results for TFG since I restarted. This service has always been prone to major swings in fortune but this has been the worst run I've encountered - however things have improved recently, and I've made 55 points since the start of Cheltenham so I'm looking forward to getting a decent run going.

Tipping Legends have been on a horrific run of results so far this year - with 166 points lost in the first three months. That said the four months prior to that made 200 points profit. Luckily for me, I came back part way through the bad run so my own losses are 66 points so far this year.

Clearly a 166 point drawdown will cause serious damage to any betting bank, and to confidence, and has prompted another re-think from JC. Some of the details are on the TL website, as well as in an e-mail sent out to all subscribers. It is to be hoped that the change in approach has the desired effect. I intend to continue following the Tipping Legends bets, at least for now, but need to see a major upturn in performance over the next few months.

I had hoped to spend a bit of time today looking at my results for SLH over the last couple of years to see whether adopting a level stakes approach (ie 1pt win or 0.5 e/w) would be more profitable. I haven't managed to do this yet, but will try and get it done over the next couple of days.

As you know, I've recently dropped the Punter Profits NH systems and Winabob from my portfolio, and have been thinking about replacements for them. I am going to try out three or four services to small stakes over the next month or so and see which ones, if any, I want to add. I'll give full details of the ones I'm looking at in the next day or so and will post results on here as well - was going to do it tonight, but it's getting late and I've run out of time.

Looking ahead to the coming week, it's the Grand National next Saturday, and I'll be making the trip to Aintree for all three days. Really looking forward to it, it's been a bit of a slog since I came back from holiday and it'll be good to get away for a few days.

Will be travelling over on Wednesday afternoon, so after Tuesday the blog will not be updated until next Sunday.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday tomorrow whatever you're up to and good luck with your bets next week !

Week ending 4 April

Portfolio Results...............(424)
Personal Bets / Trades..........(687)

Loss on week £1111

Summary of Portfolio

Results in terms of points

Profit / Loss by day of week

Weekend Round-Up

Despite a rare winning day on Saturday, a poor day on Sunday meant another losing weekend.

A good day on Saturday for the portfolio thanks to a a couple of winners for The Form Guru, as well as a place, and a winner for Football Elite with Catania.

Skeeve's non league weekend bets started well with a couple of winners from three games on Friday, but both Saturday bets lost so it was a losing weekend here - didn't help myself though as in my haste to get the bets on I didn't pay enough attention to the advised stakes and had £100 on each, meaning I had £25 too much on a loser, and £25 too little on a winner !

I still get the Winabob newsletters even though I've not been following the bets for a few weeks now. The "home zone" bets have been going well, so I decided to have a go and combine the selections in 5 doubles - unfortunately came up empty on these. Should have just stuck with my original plan for Saturday which was to back Swindon !

Sunday was a poor day though - very frustrating for Football Elite with three 1-1 draws from three bets, Birmingham was advised as draw no bet so at least the stake was returned on that one, but an 88th minute equaliser for Real Mallorca at Almeria meant a £500 swing against me. The loss was compounded when Auxerre could only manage a draw at home to PSG - the first time this season they've failed to win after scoring first.

The only winner on the racing was from Olympian for The Form Guru. I've made a change to the way I'm staking these as from today. All bets will be staked either 2pts win or 1pt e/w - looking at the results for the last year, my returns would have improved significantly. Not today though - my new approach cost me £120 !

That's the first of a number of changes I'm looking to make over the next couple of weeks - more to follow later.

Tipping Legends played in the Musselburgh 3.50 with the main bet on Highland Legacy with a point on Bogside Theatre effectively a saver - not to be though as they finished 4th and 3rd respectively.

The Formbet picks have struggled since I signed up for this service - the ratings themselves do well most days, but the highlighted bets have not performed so far. Again this is something to look at so I can get the best out of these.

Finally, nothing doing with the golf this weekend as neither Adam Scott or Stuart Appleby reached the frame in Houston Open.

Saturday 3 April

Portfolio Results (below)..................616
Personal Bets / Trades....................(300)

Profit on day £316

Sunday 4 April

Porfolio Results (below)...............(775)
Personal Bets / Trades..................(81)

Loss on day £856

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spit roasts the rest

Thursday 1 April

A winner each for Tipping Legends and The Form Guru with Spitfire and Chance du Roy doing the business for me.

Poor day for SLH's exchange service, where he advised 1 point lays on the short priced favourites in the first three races at Ludlow - and all three won !

Day off from the racing tomorrow, which is more than welcome - give me a bit of time to have a think about one or two things.

Got a couple of non-league football bets tomorrow, but I'll probably hold everything over and update again on Saturday evening.

Thursday 1 April

Portfolio Results (below)..................275
Personal Bets / Trades....................(142)

Profit on day £133

Hard going

Wednesday 31 March

Some days just leave you scratching your head and wondering what's the point - Wednesday was one of those.

TFG had four each way bets yesterday - Imperial Royale (12/1 adv) finished third in the opening race at Hereford, beaten 15 lengths in third, despite trading at 1.01 in running for 10K - the horse was clear jumping the second last but was legless by the time they came into the straight.

Abey M'Boy also finished third - this one traded very short as well, matched as low as 1.08 before tiring badly over the last couple of flights.

The other two bets were unplaced, although Kercabellec finished fourth.

SLH gave Oscar Gogo on his exchange line - finished third.

Isiris had another winner - an insider bet at Kempton, but any profit I made here was lost when I layed the draw in the Arsenal v Barcelona game. Could have got out at 28 at 2-0 to Barca, but I left it and it ended up costing me £250 !

Wednesday 31 March

Portfolio Results (below)................(134)
Personal Bets / Trades.....................(2)

Loss on day £136