Thursday, 15 April 2010

£240 down the BOG !

Thursday 15 April

This is hard going at the minute - and I don't need to be getting 4 points under the odds when I do back a winner.

TFG had no fewer than 9 horses today - and things were looking pretty bleak when the first seven lost. So it was relieft when Wignore Hall won the Newmarket 5.20 as easy as you like. Couldn't get on at the advised 6/1 so had to do it on Betfair, nice enough winner but the SP was 10/1 ! Managed less than 6s after commission. All I needed !

Sedgwick was a winner for BLSC, and Bel Cantor ran into a place for Tipping Legends, everything else lost.

Thursday 15 April

Portfolio Results (below)............(326)
Personal Bets / Trades.................75

Loss on day £251


johnb2626 said...

Hi JP i have been on and off (i work away sometimes)with Phil at bettinglayingsportsclub or BLSC as its also known now for a long time and though not the biggest of tipsters he really does get some cracking bets and over the months i have had some cracking paydays on football and horseracing i particually like the ante post bets of late :) also great that he throws in his new site for free when you join up.value for subscription has been good.

I have also been a member of Fryboy since he launched his site and again he knows his stuff though losing runs are hard at times to take but im glad to see you add these guys as im sure they will make you profit no problem at all, again great for subscription value

shame today was so bleak with only bettinglayingclub making you some profit

Im gonna keep following your progress and will hope to add another tipster to my portfolio on my part time betting business when im home.

JP said...

Thanks for the comment John, early days yet for both these two so will see how things go over the next few weeks.

Hard going at the minute, but keep battling away at it and hopefully things will take a turn for the better before much longer.

Best of luck to you.