Monday, 26 April 2010


Monday 26 April

Got the week off to a good start, which hasn't happened much lately.

Star of the show was Fryboy who tipped three horses at Windsor tonight and found three winners - Getcarter 7/1, Sunny Game 13/2 and Contredanse at 3/1 (managed 11/4), great stuff.

A good day at last for SLH with Postmaster winning at Ffos Las tonight. Message went on line earlier than the advised time and the price had already gone by the time I looked, so had to back it on Betfair. Traded around a bit and managed to end up with 5.6/1 on Betfair, although it drifted pre-race and the SP was 6/1. A welcome winner though following a loser earlier in the day - Foreign King.

Three other bets today from BLSC, Nagman and Packed Pockets were all losers.

Monday 26 April

Portfolio Results (below).................688
Personal Bets / Trades....................(34)

Profit on day £654


Anonymous said...


You may remember my only other post ....I made a brief comment about watching less races the other day

Different topic today ... I think you can learn more from your profitable day today than many of your losing ones. In fact I would describe today (Monday) as the most pivotal day I have seen when reading your blog:-

Isiris winning bet

Fryboy 3 from 3

SLH winner

To only make £650 on a day like this .. it needs to tell you your portfolio and staking plan are completely at sea and WILL definitely ensure you FAIL in my opinion (which is a terrible shame).

Given some of your horrendous days (like we all have) .. you should have been in absolute clover today.

Those services today(especially Isiris and SLH)plus Equine have long term proven records as established businesses.

Ditch the rubbish and focus on fewer services ..if you want more bets then do as you were urged by 'you know who' and ring the MYC line.

Your'e 3 winning sources yesterday plus Equine are all proven .. most of the others are business that probably cost less than a days profit/loss to set up and fund .

Best of Luck ..pls see today as pivotal and Act Ruthlessly, Decisively and NOW!


(Full time 6 yrs)

wibdib said...

did u have any probs with the form guru when you cancelled their service??, have had 2 emails ignored so far and a furthur months subscription taken out against my wishes

JP said...

Hi anon,

Thanks for your thoughts again.

Pretty much decided who I'm going to follow over the next few months, and obviously Fryboy will be on that list, and I will upgrade the stakes on his selections.

Otherwise, I'm happy with the staking on Isiris (level stakes win bets), SLH (level stakes win or e/w) and EI (£100 a point).

Of the others I've looked at, then I'll go with a couple of those as well.

I still believe in spreading the risk as much as possible - SLH has made nothing in the last 10 months and Isiris were responsible for a large proportion of my losses in November / December last year.


Hi wibdib, I paid them via Paypal which means that I was able to cancel the sub and they can't take any more payments (although I'm still getting the e-mails !)

You're just the latest of many who have had this problem, contact them again but also your bank or credit card company.