Friday, 16 April 2010

Giving it away

Friday 16 April

A profitable day for the portfolio, but a losing Insider Bet for Isiris and a couple of bad trades on Betfair by me ensured that I'm booking another loss today.

A better day for The Form Guru today with Al Co winning and big priced places for Minella All Star and Avonteur. I didn't notice that I wasn't fully matched on the place bet on Avonteur, which cost me around £20, as well as having to take under the odds anyway for the place.

SLH advised a lay of Kennel Hill for the second time in a couple of weeks, but this time he managed to get the horse beat - unfortunately he was pulled up injured with what is reported may be a career ending injury.

I had a look at the staking on SimpleBet last night, and realised I'd been overdoing thinks somewhat - their maximum bet is 10 points so £20 a point was too much for a service I'm trialling. Decided to cut the stakes in half from know what's coming already don't you ?! Two bets, two winners and a profit of £175 on the day, half of what it would have been yesterday - I'm just not doing anything right at the minute. It was right to make the change but my timing is terrible.

Couple of winners also from BLSC with Methaaly finishing third at 11/1 and a successful bet on the corners market in the Serie A game tonight.

Three bets from Tipping Legends today, but Chaninbar couldn't repeat his Aintree victory from last week and so 7 points lost today.

Fryboy had three losers, and Nagman also came up empty when Harmony Brig lost at Ayr.

Packed Pockets gave out Sohraab, which was well backed - especially when Hugh Taylor gave it out on the ATR website as well, but finished unplaced. Not sure why the pivot table shows Snowy Morning in the results today - think I messed something up on the sheet last weekend and that's will have resolved itself now.

Busy Saturday, no doubt loads of bets - hopefully I'll be on the right end of things.

Friday 16 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............156
Personal Bets / Trades.................(348)

Loss on day £192


Anonymous said...

Hi JP, Just wondered what your thoughts were as to why SLH's performance has dropped over the last 10 months or so. I believe he put up a 4pt (max) bet on Imperial Commander at Aintree at Evens, stating he felt that it was a 4/7 shot. I am sure that he would not have put up that sort of selection a year ago. Do you think the fact that he has an exchange service as well now that "waters" down the performance on the private service?

Regards. Woody.

SimpleBet said...

Hi JP,

Sorry, perhaps we should state in our members initial email that we operate a 1-10 point staking system.
We do cover that on the website but maybe we should make people aware of it in the email as well.

As you say, unfortunate timing to change staking plans but it was a pretty awful run up until Friday so apologies for that as well.

Hopefully thats the bad run out of the way for a while.

Look forward to your post on how things are now you are full time. Can imagine stress will be mentioned a few times!


Rod Hull said...

Hi, Great blog. I was wondering if you fancied swapping links for our blogs? I've added yours regardless mate, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

woody what you dont realise is that the good year or 2 SLH had were the exception, not the other way round. he has been going for years and has never been any good over the long term.

JP said...

Hi Woody,

I don't think the exchange service has anything to do with it to be honest - he's had both lines throughout my time with him.

I didn't think much of the Imperial Commander tip - to the extent that I didn't back it again (it had already been put up elsewhere). The one point stake on Kyber Kim on National also suggested that all is not well at the moment.

I don't like the 3-4 point bets, there have been 9 of these since I came back and only 2 have won.

Much prefer the each way doubles which provided much of the profit over the last couple of years, and which seem to have dried up lately.

You always have to try and think about things over the long term - I made virtually nothing between Oct 07 and Feb 08, but then won over 400 points in 16 months.

However from mid-June last year there's been nothing and I've got him around 30 points down during that time.

There has to be a major improvement - 10 months of losses at the prices he charges is not good enough, no matter what he's gone before.

Best of luck to you anyway.


SimpleBet - own fault really, should have looked more closely at it before I started following.

Regarding the post, haven't written it yet but I should imagine you're right !


Hi Rod,

No problem mate, I'll link you up now.

Best of luck

JP said...

Hi anon,

Thanks for your comment re SLH. Have you got any figures to back that up ?

Anonymous said...

no figures, just a history of monitoring tipsters in a keen but informal way for 14 years. One golen rule should be never follow a tipster with mutiple services. That is such a con for at leats 4 reasons you should be able to workout yourself