Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hard going

Wednesday 31 March

Some days just leave you scratching your head and wondering what's the point - Wednesday was one of those.

TFG had four each way bets yesterday - Imperial Royale (12/1 adv) finished third in the opening race at Hereford, beaten 15 lengths in third, despite trading at 1.01 in running for 10K - the horse was clear jumping the second last but was legless by the time they came into the straight.

Abey M'Boy also finished third - this one traded very short as well, matched as low as 1.08 before tiring badly over the last couple of flights.

The other two bets were unplaced, although Kercabellec finished fourth.

SLH gave Oscar Gogo on his exchange line - finished third.

Isiris had another winner - an insider bet at Kempton, but any profit I made here was lost when I layed the draw in the Arsenal v Barcelona game. Could have got out at 28 at 2-0 to Barca, but I left it and it ended up costing me £250 !

Wednesday 31 March

Portfolio Results (below)................(134)
Personal Bets / Trades.....................(2)

Loss on day £136


David Horne said...

I haven,t written to you before but feel compelled to write about TFG.
I joined the service last Sept so missed out on the big success of last year but have been going OKish until the last couple of months.
The thing that i am being clobbered on by him this year are his 3 point tips. By my reckoning he has given out 31 3 pointers this year with only 4 winners. These of course are usually short prices with a big outlay for not much return.

I know there is no such thing as a dead cert but do you think there should be a higher win ratio on these tips as we are all losing a lot of money on them at the moment


Anonymous said...

JB says
check out Badger Trades could subscribe for a few months to get some ideas of what he does(i dont know what your already aware of from other sites your on so ignore me if necessary)

I assume you layed the draw at start at around 100 lay @3.5....should have set exit point of back 50 @7.00...and upto you if you want use stop loss

I got involved that game at HT lay the draw @3.00
and exit on first goal
and layed over 1.5 goals market

JP said...

Hi Dave,

Can't say I'm a fan of the TFG staking plan, which is pretty basic and just means having more on the shorter priced ones !

I'll have to do some work on it, but in the early part of the last year the 1pt e/w bets were by far the most profitable. I'll try and do something this weekend.

To be fair, no staking plan will get much out of the results as they've been the last few weeks. Looks a bit more promising recently though - hopefully he can get on a winning run again.

Best of luck to you.