Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Blood

Here's a note regarding the new services I'm trialling with a view to freshening up the portfolio over the next few weeks.

I'll add links to each of these in the "Services I Use" list to the right.

Packed Pockets
Betting Laying Sports Club / Football Laying Club

I'll be betting all of these to £20 per point and will record the results on the blog each night.

It's unlikely I'd be able to go with them all long term - but with a bit of luck I'll find a couple of worthwhile additions which will serve me well for the rest of this year.


Now for the results for the last couple of days, and it was a flying start for Nagman who found the winner of the Irish National with Bluesea Cracker advised at 33/1.

I've since found out that Packed Pockets gave it out as well, but I only started following their tips today !

Formbet also sent out a preview of the Irish National in an e-mail last week highlighting the trends for the race - where Bluesea Cracker came out top, but I never got round to reading it until last night, and it wasn't sent out as a staked bet so never saw it.

Tipping Legends, The Form Guru and Paul Jones all concentrated their efforts on the Irish National as well, but none of them hit the frame.

A win treble for BLSC on the football on Monday covered most of the stakes on three other losing bets. I didn't follow the advised lay of Coventry at 6.0 - 6.6 which won.

Finally for Monday, Fryboy had a couple at Redcar. Born To Perform only finished second after arriving there on the bit 2f out (traded 1.1), and Young Gladiator finished fourth.

Today, Staff Sergeant was a winner for Packed Pockets - advised at a morning price of 4/1, eventually drifted to an SP of 7/1, but unfortunately for me only £10 of my bet was done with BOG.

King Fontaine was the only other winner of the day, for BLSC, who also had Megalo Maniac in the first at Southwell (also tipped by Fryboy). The horse finished second at 6/1. I wasn't around to watch the race and it was only when checking later that I found out it had traded at 1.01 on Betfair - my second 1.01 loser in a week !

Apart from the two winners there wasn't too much else to enthuse over but it's been a promising start for the newcomers who have provided all the winners so far this week.

As I mentoned the other night I'm off to Aintree for the three days of the Grand National meeting. The next blog update will be on Sunday evening - there'll be plenty to catch up on, hopefull there'll be some good news to report !

Best of luck for the rest of the week.

Monday 5 April

Portfolio Results (below)..................175
Personal Bets / Trades......................90

Profit on day £265

Tuesday 6 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............(222)
Personal Bets / Trades.....................0

Loss on day £222


ruru said...


Can you add my blog to your blog list please.



Anonymous said...

Enjoy the blog when I get a chance to log in.
If you are looking for new blood why don't you follow Hugh Taylor on ATR? The guy has made a 565 pt profit in the past year and at least you know it's all Kosher and above board.

Difficult to get the prices but he's brilliant and it's free.
All the best Mark

mrh-beats said...

Hey JP

Hope you had a good time at aintree! Think it was not a bad few days racing and just about managed to eek out some profit!!

Just to let you and all your readers know that I've completed my next stage of my SLH analysis - here;


Hopefully useful in your decision to move to level stakes or not. I still haven't got to that point yet!!


mrh-beats said...

Hi JP - further to my comment yesterday I've completed my stakes analysis of SLH and have concluded I'm moving to level stakes.

As always check it out here;


Hope all is well!

JP said...

Hi ruru,

Link added.



I've taken a good look at Hugh Taylor, but it's impossible to get on at the prices quoted - the spineless bookies slash the prices without laying anything, and he actually makes a loss at SP.

Waste of time really, shame as he clearly knows the score but what can you do.


Hi Malcolm,

I'll have a good look at your findings, and I also need to do the same with my own records - I have the feeling I will reach a similar conclusion to you.

Best of luck to you - we need it at the minute !