Sunday, 4 April 2010

Profit and Loss w/e 04/04/10

A disappointing week with another loss, and the struggle to get any sort of momentum going continues.

As I've always done ever since I started using this approach back in September 2007, I am constantly reviewing and evaluating results and performance. I mentioned on the other post that I'm looking at making some changes - the first one today was to tweak the staking on the The Form Guru tips so that all bets are staked either 2pts win or 1pt e/w. I've got nearly a year's worth of results which suggest this is the optimal staking plan so I've made the switch immediately.

It's been a poor run of results for TFG since I restarted. This service has always been prone to major swings in fortune but this has been the worst run I've encountered - however things have improved recently, and I've made 55 points since the start of Cheltenham so I'm looking forward to getting a decent run going.

Tipping Legends have been on a horrific run of results so far this year - with 166 points lost in the first three months. That said the four months prior to that made 200 points profit. Luckily for me, I came back part way through the bad run so my own losses are 66 points so far this year.

Clearly a 166 point drawdown will cause serious damage to any betting bank, and to confidence, and has prompted another re-think from JC. Some of the details are on the TL website, as well as in an e-mail sent out to all subscribers. It is to be hoped that the change in approach has the desired effect. I intend to continue following the Tipping Legends bets, at least for now, but need to see a major upturn in performance over the next few months.

I had hoped to spend a bit of time today looking at my results for SLH over the last couple of years to see whether adopting a level stakes approach (ie 1pt win or 0.5 e/w) would be more profitable. I haven't managed to do this yet, but will try and get it done over the next couple of days.

As you know, I've recently dropped the Punter Profits NH systems and Winabob from my portfolio, and have been thinking about replacements for them. I am going to try out three or four services to small stakes over the next month or so and see which ones, if any, I want to add. I'll give full details of the ones I'm looking at in the next day or so and will post results on here as well - was going to do it tonight, but it's getting late and I've run out of time.

Looking ahead to the coming week, it's the Grand National next Saturday, and I'll be making the trip to Aintree for all three days. Really looking forward to it, it's been a bit of a slog since I came back from holiday and it'll be good to get away for a few days.

Will be travelling over on Wednesday afternoon, so after Tuesday the blog will not be updated until next Sunday.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday tomorrow whatever you're up to and good luck with your bets next week !

Week ending 4 April

Portfolio Results...............(424)
Personal Bets / Trades..........(687)

Loss on week £1111

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The Racing Detective said...

Try Workwatcher.
He has a website with his banker results. Consistent profits year on year.
They don't all win but no tipster has all winners.
A pal has been using him for three years and has met him personally at his office on outskirts of Nmkt.
The guy has a family connection into one of Mick Jarvis stable staff.
His daily line is not that good but his bankers will show a profit.
He charges around £800 a year up front or will accept two interval payments.
Today he gave an e/w patent on Saturn Girl, Raptor and Sanctum.
(the latter is interesting) but I tend to ignore the daily line - except for his bankers.Also when he goes outside Nmkt they need to be ignored as they rarely win.

Awaiting first banker this year.
Took while to get into gear last season because of virus around Nmkt.


Good Luck JP it has been a hard week all round, I am also at the festival for all 3 days it's my local course so if you fancy a pint feel free to mail me.

“All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck - who keeps right on going - is the man who is there when the good luck comes - and is ready to receive it. Good luck for the Aintree Festival everyone, it looks red hot on paper!!”

Sure the good times are around the corner and one things for sure we have it all to play for.....