Monday, 19 April 2010

Profit and Loss w/e 18/04/2010

Another losing week with over £1700 lost during the last seven days. As I said in the last post, I can't allow this situation to continue unchecked and there will be changes made starting immediately.

Here's the weekly round up -

Week ending 18 April

Portfolio Results............(1726)
Personal Bets / Trades.........(14)

Loss on week £1740

Summary of Portfolio

Results in terms of points

Profit / Loss by day of week


Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but it is time for TFG to go.

DOnt see how you can trust him anymore, as you well now he has the ability to make you rich or bankrupt, however it seems the wall has ben hit.

Terry said...

You'll do well to remain in the game after this run.

A group of us follow tipsters and unfortunately, 3 of the group are now bankrupt due to Chris at TFG and Jeremiah at Legends as well as HBI. Blew a 250pt bank between them and any portfolio with these guys has to have been made bankrupt this year.

I'm still going due to reducing stakes across the board but many will be out of the game after this spell.

If you can't make it at this game son, then not sure many can.


Anonymous said...

Surely go with your personal bets but ramp the stakes up a little and be disciplined.

Paying other people for losing tips - no way.

Trust your own judgement and focus on 1 or 2 sports.

Whatever you do all the best, I have been in your shoes and it is hard I know. I now do my own thing and at least if I lose its down to myself.

Good Luck


Mark said...

Most tipsters who use form will have struggled this winter due to the weather. You need periods of consistant 'going' for form to settle down. April is a month to reduce stakes as the summer jumpers start to appear and the flat starts up. Look to May as the start of the flat and June for the summer jumps. Look to ramp up stakes during June, July and August especially if the weather holds.

mickk said...

Keep your focus jp,i dont no many who are in front this YTD,i am but now by only 2pts or £800,very little gain for so much work.
Go back over your records mate and look at the longterm profit,because in truth that's the only thing that counts.Very best wishes for your recovery.

Anonymous said...


Have been reading your blog from the outset and if i were in your shoes i would up the stakes on Fryboy and Equine Investments and dump the rest especially Tl,TFG and Simplebet , three of the worst Tipsters that charge i have ever seen.

These two are all you need but you just need to get the staking right ,just think of all those subs you will save.

I was shocked to see one of your team had given out 9 selection with nothing back , truely awful.

Anyhow good luck in whatever you decide.


David Lyons said...

Would you like to rejoin my service JP? Check out my latest result. I'm certainly doing better than some of your tipsters are!

JP said...

Hi anon,

Thanks for the comment, as you'll have seen I've already made the decision to drop TFG.


Hi Terry,

I'm sure you're probably right - plenty will have stopped over the last few months, whether the money has run out or they have just been soured by the whole experience.

One of these it will come right - just have to make sure you're still in the game when it does.

Best of luck.


Hi R,

Well paying for tips has served me well over the last couple of years even though the last few months have been very hard as you know.

I'm intending to do more of my own bets and trades - as much as anything to try and exert some control over the outcome instead of being totally reliant on the success or failure of others.

Hard game as you say, but still one that I want to play :)


Hi Mark,

Think it's no coincidence that I've struggled in the first few weeks of each of the three years I've been doing this - even though I sat out the first six weeks this time around.

April last year was the best month of the year - although a lot of that was due to landing a 170/1 forecast ! Could do with one of those right now.

See what happens over the next few weeks.


cheers mickk, well at least you're in front so doing a lot better than many. Soemthing to build on at least. Best of luck to you.


Hi Smudge,

Well I've made a few changes as you've seen so will how these bed in first.

Would love to up stakes on EI but there are limits to what you can get on, especially with the early bets.


Hello David,

21 points profit in 21 months, all for £2000 per year. I must be mad, but I'll decline your very kind invitation.

I trust the customer relations lessons went well ?