Sunday, 25 April 2010

Profit and Loss w/e 25/04/2010

Running out of different ways to say the same thing at the minute.

Another losing week with £694 lost since last Sunday. All very depressing really, and something has to change soon as I can't continue to lose money like this week after week with nothing coming in. The overall loss now stands at just over £7000 since I resumed in mid-February, and the portfolio summary looks absolutely shocking at the minute with red numbers everywhere.

Dropped Tipping Legends and The Form Guru from my portfolio at the end of last week, and sods law being what it is, JC has suddenly hit a rich vein of form winning over 50 points this weekend. However, you have to make these calls as you see them, and it was the right thing to do as far as I'm concerned.

That pretty much sums things up, can't get anything to go my way at the moment - the SLH e/w double on Friday was another kick in the teeth - and I've got to admit to being pretty sick of the whole thing just now.

However, have to try and keep some sort of positive attitude towards going and just hope that things take a turn for the better. One bright spot on the horizon is that Equine Investments start their flat season next Saturday, hopefully they will provide the spark that finally gets things going for me.

Week ending 25 April

Portfolio Results............(944)
Personal Bets / Trades........250

Loss on week £694

Summary of Portfolio

Results in terms of points

Profit / Loss by day of week


Anonymous said...

I'd bin Simplebet if I were you. I was a member up until last month. They seem to have lost their way, probably due to their source of info drying up.

Good read anyway.





Keep at it, as we both know by now a good week can change the outcome of a month.
You inspired me to start my own strategy as I had a hard time myself last year due to a couple of personal issues and chasing loses, even when i was winning!!!

Hopefully we will both be walking taller come the end of the year.

Be Lucky


Anonymous said...

Trust Legends to do that. I'm having trouble with the Form Guru admin and can't get any responses about my wish to cancel with them. Also Nagman is claiming a profit in March and a profit so far in April, this doesn't seem to match your records. Where does the truth lie? I had to cut back since I don't have the betting bank you have. I do wonder, however, if you might have be better sticking with the portfolio that served you so well last year, but just cutting back stakes until things picked up. The Form Guru and JC at legends don't just become bad tipsters overnight; although a 7% SR would wipe any one out.

Anonymous said...

I'm so upset as I missed the bet on Postmaster this evening from SLH as I was stuck in a tunnel and couldn't get reception on my phone. Totally gutted as I backed Foreign King earlier! Let's hope SLH has turned the corner but I'm cursing my luck.

JP said...

Hi John,

I'll keep the trial running a while longer yet - see what happens.


Hi Dean,

Good to hear from you mate, a good day on Monday which always helps the mood but it's a long way back from here !

A lot to think about at the moment, whether this is the right way for me at the moment is debatable but I'm working on it.

All the best


Not the first time TFG have done that, if you pay via Paypal you can cancel it yourself but I'd contact your credit card company and inform them of the situation.

Regarding Nagman, I've only just joined them in the last few weeks so only results since 6 April are included in my figures.

As far as whether to keep the previous portfolio, all I can say is that I've followed TFG since May 1st last year and after their recent run I've made no profit at all in the last 12 months - 1400 bets for nothing.

Similarly TL, I've been with for the best part of two years, so can't say I haven't given it my best shot.

Their own figures on their website show a profit of 25 points from 957 bets (1677 pts staked) in the year to 31 March this year - ROI of 1.5%.

Needs a lot more weeks like last week to get those figures looking respectable !


Hi Anon,

Sorry to hear that - always gutted when I miss a winner, feels a lot worse than backing losers. In the long term it shouldn't make much difference but the way things have been it's the last thing you need.

Like you say hopefully it's the start of a decent spell for him.

Best of luck to you.