Thursday, 22 April 2010

Results Catch Up

I've now replied to all the comments which were left in response to my post on Monday night - once again many thanks for the feedback.

Need to catch up with results over the last couple of days, and it's the same story again with two more losing days - nine in a row now.

Nothing too drastic in terms of numbers but these steady losses quickly add up, and again I'm over £1000 down on the week - just cannot get anything going at all.

Wednesday 21 April

Wednesday was a pretty quiet day with just a handful of bets - oddly enough most of them in the same race, the 4.05 at Epsom where Fryboy, Simplebet and Nagman all advised losers.

SLH gave out a split stake bet on two horses in the Southwell 7.0, and Williams Wishes won the race - although Arctic Ben would have been preferable.

Three bets from BLSC - I didn't fancy Denman and so left the bet alone, had already got enough on Arctic Ben so passed on that one as well, and forgot about the only winning bet which was a double on Bayern Munich to get most corners and Aston Villa win or draw against Hull. Also included in the spreadsheet is a loser from Tuesday which was advised with Stan James, but I can't get a bet on with them.

Wednesday 21 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............(29)
Personal Bets / Trades..................(43)

Loss on day £72

Thursday 22 April

Another blank day and Nagman's tip Master Nimbus typified the recent run, challenging for victory jumping the last and crumpling on landing ! Otherwise two losers from Packed Pockets and a loser from Fryboy.

SLH put up a bet on his exchange line which baffled me. A one point back of Go Silver Bullet at minimum of 5.6 was fine, but why he felt the need to advise 1.5 points on De Boitron to cover the stake is quite beyond me. I left De Boitron alone and just backed Go Silver Bullet, and as it turned out Nelson du Ronceray came through and beat both of them !

Thursday 22 April

Portfolio Results (below)...............(231)
Personal Bets / Trades...................(67)

Loss on day £298


Anonymous said...

JP - whilst i have every sympathy for your plight, i did warn you 2 months ago that this was about to happen
if you had followed my advice and stuck solely with isiris since 1st Jan you would have been +£23,000 on main acc, +£8000 on insider bets and +£34,000 on the premium rate stable bets line
total in 3.5 months = +£65,000

JP said...

Hi, thanks for sharing that.

For the sake of completeness, please add the Isiris results from 1 September - 31 December last year.

Anonymous said...

Where did these figures come from for Isiris? If they are to advised prices at £100 per point no point in quoting them as nobody can get on for those amounts on the main account. Don't believe him when he sounds off on the phone with simply the best on in the background. Planet Booth is another world from the one we bet in.