Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Struggling On

Wednesday 14 April

Was out and about for most of the day today which meant I was late picking up all of the messages, and had to use Betfair to get the bets on as best I could.

I missed a few, prices had shortened and failing to get matched etc, but it worked in my favour today and saved me around £140.

Despite that it was a losing day, although there were a few winners along the way.

Nagman had a good day with two winners out of three - Rumoush and Colonel Sherman, while Blue Spinnaker traded odds on before finishing second.

SLH put up a two pointer on Burren Legend at 4/1, and given his current run, it was no surprise to check the results when I got home and find this one had finished second after trading 1.10 during the race - the winner Ouzbeck was matched at 200 !

One winner from TFG with Lenny Bee at Beverley, but that wasn't enough to cover the other losing bets.

Similarly Fryboy had one winner and two losers for a small loss on the day.

High Class Equine got their season underway with Daas Rite at Beverley, but it finished unplaced despite trading as low as even money in running.

BLSC had a winner with Wigan v Portsmouth under 2.5 goals, but three other losing bets - although I was only on one of them.

Nothing doing for Tipping Legends, SimpleBet or Packed Pockets today.

Wednesday 14 April

Portfolio Results (below).............(332)
Personal Bets / Trades.................156

Loss on day £176


Changing days said...

Hi JP, sorry to see things aren't turning just yet, though they surely will do soon.

I hope you don't mind my asking, but I was just wondering, as it's probably a dream for many of us punters to follow the horses for a living, are you enjoying your life in this new era?

I suppose it'll be much more pleasurable when the winners charge in but all the same, it'd be fascinating if you could give us an idea of your mindset on a day to day basis? Is it very pressured, or is your staking plan comfortable enough for you not to worry too much?

I think I probably speak for a lot of your followers when I say if you can't make it work, with your highly professional approach, there may not be much chance for the rest of us, so I look forward to seeing things correct themselves soon.

All the very best,

Anonymous said...

As a fellow SLH subscriber, I'm finding the shortening odds for the private service tips are meaning the bets are losing value.

Yesterdays tip came in from 7.0 to 4.8 very steeply before 1o'clock. Surely whatever edge SLH has can't withstand such a contraction??

Its no surprise the odds are shortening so much, there is a video on the SLH site with some geezer driving a beemer on £800 a point!! (it could even be you!!). Maybe SLH is too oversubscribed to be profitable now??

Anonymous said...

JB says
slh sundays exchange 2pt win bet horse traded @1.08

JP said...

Hi CD,

Great question, not dodging it but I think it's one that's worth a post on its own and I'll address it in detail over the weekend.

All I will say for now is it's bloody hard going at the minute !


Hi anon, you have to be able to get the advised prices to make it worthwhile.

The rapid shortening of the prices has been happening over the last year or so - not helped by people crashing into Betfair as soon as the bet is given out to try and get a risk free twenty quid or whatever.

He is fair with his minimum price stipulations and you just have to do your best with it.

One issue which does need addressing is the time of the message.

If he insists on continuing to send out the messages this way then the phone line should be updated bang on time, not a minute early or a minute late.

Then everyone has the same chance to try and get on as best they can, before the bookies slash the odds.

If he is oversubscribed, I think his form over the last few months might take care of that problem before long !

Best of luck to you


Hi JB,

Wasn't in the house, but got the price off the Free Timeform site which gives the in running prices of every horse and they say it was matched at 1.04